Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Friday, 16 April 2010

My Oh My Dear Shortstacker......

Battling the stackers was always a challenge as a full stack player. I mean what do you do? Do you stop raising with some of your normal raising hands?, do you alter your calling range?, do your slow play monsters?

I must admit that they did not bother me as much as they seemed to bother a lot of the Regs. I actual think that i made a good profit from them.

The issue with these guys is the loss of your edge as a full stack player who deems himself to be better than average.

They problem is that their only play is the All-in shove pre flop which puts pressure on many hands that you would fold normally to a raise from a full stack player. This is due to the fact that their shove range is quite broad. I generally found that they push with any pair, any ace and any 2 big cards. I fought this by altering my calling range and was right to do so on most occasions. You lose edge also due to the fact that you cannot play post-flop as you are all-in and generally gambling or coin flipping with these guys

Another issue is that the short stacker does not contribute to the larger pots, but still collects VPPs from the big pots played by the big stacks.

So finally they have been stung on PS due to the new structure. The minimum buy-in requirement now is 40bb which will drive the short stackers to the 20-50bb tables and away from us full-stacks... wooohooo. I have played 2 sessions today and have had only 1 all-in flip vs a SS as opposed to what would have normally been around 15 flips.

Really interesting to see the impact on my sessions of this new restriction on the SSs.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Big Shout Out to the HAYEMAKER......

Heavyweight boxing has been pretty boring since the days of Ali, Frazier and Foreman...

More recently was the Tyson, Holyfield, Bowe era which brought about plenty excitement. But the last 10yrs have been quite dull with only Lennox Lewis and the Klitschko's worth giving a mention.

But, London's very own David Haye has emerged from the shadows and deserves a big shout out.. He brings his own injection of personality, style and KNOCK out punching. I eagerly anticipate a bout with either one of the Ukrainian giants who i think will be slain by the Hayemaker. Hayes chin is a question and I'm sure he could be sparked out by many a heayweight out there...

But, the excitement is back in heavyweight boxing as John Ruiz found out while he was lying on his back..!!

So Go David..... We're all behind you...

Do you think he can slay the Klitschkos?

Saturday, 3 April 2010

So, who are the Top 10 NL100 Poker Players on Pokerstars over the last 12months...??

Based on skill and not earnings, this is what i reckon....

10 Imperceptus
9 e306
8 notontilt09
7 Kfuse
6 Rennwurm
5 lydia12345
4 Ronfar3
3 helen_gamble
2 vinivici9586
1 jrockhaf

What did you think of the Top 10? Leave a comment below.

Wannabe Rakeback Monkey.. So what's it worth??

As the number of Pokerstars SNEs and SN VIPs grows yr on yr ask yourself why these grinders are raking up these VPPs and FPPs and whats is it worth??

Well, the annual income is comprised of 3 elements: Milestone bonuses(MB), FPPs Store Bonuses(CB) and Table winnings. If u look at the first 2 parts and especially so if u r a break even or loss making player the Guarenteed Total Income should be approximately as follows:

VPP Level:
200,000: $14,500 ($5,400 MB + 10,100 CB)
300,000: $22,500 ($9,000 MB + 14,500 CB)
400,000: $31,000 ($12,800 MB + 19,200 CB)
500,000: $39,900 ($16,800 MB + 24,100 CB)
600,000: $48,500 ($21,200 MB + 28,300 CB)
700,000: $58,400 ($25,800 MB + 33,600 CB)
800,000: $68,400 ($30,800 MB + 38,600 CB)
1,000,000: $110,000 ($55,800 MB + 55,200 CB)**
1,250,000: $127,300 ($66,800 MB + 62,500 CB)

The CB will vary depending on whether you start at Bronzestar or Supernova Elite. The Earnings above based on commencing Year1 at Bronzestar.

And if you are a profitable player you can factor in an annual winnings element. (Note CB is based on purchasing $4,000 cash bonuses from the VIP store)

** Getting the million VPPs and SNE will give u choice of packages which vary in value

See you on the virtual felt...

The Biggest Pot I Ever Won.......

Here's the replay of the biggest pot i ever won online...... This was great fun...


My opponent was a newbie and I'm sure i have been guilty of the same mistake when i began playing....

GL at the Tables....

Friday, 2 April 2010

Unbelievable Hand from the other day......

This was an amazing hand from the other day. I thought that I had seen it all at the poker table.....

I wish i had been on a bad beat table....

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