Tuesday, 25 September 2012

2012 Pokerstars Leading VPP Counts / Supernova Elite (SNE)

I'm not sure why but I have been thinking about Supernova Elite lately and maybe making another attempt at it in 2013.

My last attempt was in 2011 and lasted all of 5 weeks, lol, before I pretty much quit and ended the year with 300,000 VPPs. I think my main problem was I didn't really plan well in terms of what games I would play and what contingencies I would have if those games didn't work out.

I wanted to make it playing FR NL200+ and then for some weird, unknown reason on 1st Jan 2011 I switched to playing CAP which I had never played before. This was the worst thing I could have done for my confidence as every different format of poker requires different skill sets and experience. The VPP rate was obviously the temptation but there was no need to do it as I could have made it 24 tabling NL200 for around 6 hours a day. I got crushed and dropped down to rebuild and pretty much coasted out the year at small / micro stakes. The issue was that I was not used to the variance with what I undertook.

If am to go for SNE in 2013 I need to spend Q4 (Oct - Dec) preparing at the levels that I will need to play. I also want to throw in some Sit & Go (SNG) into the mix as an alternative to cash game grinding.

When I see visuals like the one posted by jorj95 (George Lind III) in the Supernova Elite Pursuit (SNE) thread it does inspire you and make you think what can be achieved if you really go for it:

He does play at a sick high level but you can get SNE at small and mid stakes poker.

So, I what is my plan? Well, I want to put a reduction on cashouts that I make and use winnings and bonuses to build up my roll and gradually move up in stakes so by December I should be playing NL100 / NL200. I need to also play and learn 6-max ranges as these games seem to be more popular the 9 player full ring tables.

Pokerstars Caleb also posted the Top 50 VPP totals link for 2012. This is an opt-in list so some names are missing to protect people that want anonymity.

He also posted the list for people who have opted-in and were either SNE already or attempting to be in 2012:

41 players have earned over 1,000,000 VPPs in 2012.
150 players are on pace.

2,530,393 jorj95
1,558,751 shabalinvlad
1,540,260 1Bunn
1,427,543 ffguitarguy
1,371,675 Berndsen12
1,218,106 AironVega
1,166,064 MouldyOnions
1,117,894 B3RTstare
1,091,186 king10clubs
1,046,274 ocropTi
1,028,217 tonkaaaa
1,007,445 L0ve2playU
1,005,834 acoimbra
982,317 Tpirahna
978,839 $indabank111
962,386 Odd_Oddsen
949,145 spacegravy
948,019 Buzzer1404
919,852 willyBeer22
918,934 River Prayer
903,768 SantaZzz
884,315 pistons87
868,303 Xereles
853,709 Duckslayer2k
827,544 anguila
826,262 mysterio6044
815,749 slavistas
813,709 MOCA CHOCA89
809,906 poker_in_pb
800,750 ToDaFelt
786,735 ment52
783,972 ivanildo
780,832 badblood1
780,106 Mayo the Don
774,139 Raventhon
753,623 nanonoko
734,339 Bruut99
734,069 knifefish8
730,365 sly caveat
727,983 Quadchrazs

---PACE--- 727,914

723,133 ShandeC
712,722 wpr101
710,094 Jackal69
695,437 jamesgav19
694,803 showtime
676,696 Sooo Tilted
668,251 horvyjoe
668,163 AWice
666,864 live@pompeii
650,728 natisfinest
650,561 YaDaDaMeeN21
647,094 innerpsy
646,375 Sbyla
615,214 JazzyFek3000
599,132 _salaz4r_
588,379 dombomain33
574,347 THEDUTCH4141
560,743 Thrash370
557,447 oscarleon
552,100 fricirics
534,251 azntracker
534,128 MissOracle
521,861 TenerifeBel
520,376 dealer666
518,019 eppy12588
516,602 GodlikeRoy
502,136 2w392y41ur
497,200 slayerv1fan
481,287 Pokerger1337
479,346 k345
479,321 Brokerface
468,479 slimfast
454,118 Octavian_C
442,465 PedroKL
429,827 donjuanmt
428,596 neomorf

I am only going for 200k VPPs this year so I better get working on my plan for 2013. ZOOM poker is also going to be a potential as the hands play out so fast. If I could get to NL200 6-max on ZOOM then SNE in 2013 becomes a real possibility. Watch this space.....


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  1. cool that yr going for SNE in 2013

    surely you are better just sticking to FR as adding six max or sngs into the mix is exactly like you adding CAP into the mix in 2011!!!

    for a grind like SNE surely you should just stick to one type of game and dont deviate. That way varience can play itself out over time at the same format.

    I know changing games and formats has fooked me up over the years and thats why i am still grinding NL$10.

    I'm pretty sure you can do it mate if you just stick to FR and put in the work.

  2. I should hit 200k VPPs quite comfortably this year so all the experimenting can be done over the next 3 months without hurting an SNE attempt next year.

    The problem is the decline in games at FR for NL200+ in quality and also in the number running. It may not be possible to get enough tables running without adding 6-max or playing NL400+ too so I need to figure out a mix.

  3. do u think its possible to make supernova elite next year playing 50NLzoom

  4. No, u can only play 4 tables at the mo. It would be 12hrs a day which is too much. U need a work life balance.

    If they up it to 8 ZOOM tables per level then maybe but I think u need to work at NL100 / NL200 and since NL200 FR does not run at ZOOM u need to mix in 6-max


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