Sunday, 12 May 2013

How Many Calories Do You Burn Idling or Doing Nothing In 24hrs?

So the missus and I have challenged ourselves to losing some weight. I want to lose 10-14lbs and tone up a bit. I'm currently 192lbs and 5'10". 

I never realised that we all actually burn a lot a of calories while doing absolutely nothing. This short clip shows how to calculate how much you burn according to your height, weight, age and sex:

Another lazier way to get a (very rough) estimate is to multiply your body weight in lbs by 11:
Here is the source

If you want an online calculator try this one.

I will try and update in a few weeks as to my weight loss progress.

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  1. just come grind here in mexico with no air condition

  2. lol, sweating out 4,000 calories a day! :p

  3. I. am in mexic

  4. I had no idea you burn that many calories well doing pretty much nothing!


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