Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Getting Started: Choosing A Safe And Reliable Online Poker Platform

As many boldly-goers will attest, getting started is the hardest part, willing yourself to do things with long-term benefits in lieu of instant satisfaction. Poker is no different. Whether you’re a new player looking for your dream room or a stalwart looking for a change it’s important not only to test the market, but to know what mental check boxes to tick when ascertaining a site’s legitimacy. Here’s some helpful tips to ensure you’re getting the best from your online poker room and stepping closer towards those dreams of tournament glory:

The absolutely necessaries

Initially I had this as number three on the list but who am I kidding, it’s number one. You want to know timeouts will be acted on promptly. You want to know what procedures are in place for compromised accounts. If you see the UKGC have given their legendary green tick, you know this poker room has run the gauntlet as far as RG and due diligence. After all, you want your money and private info in the safest hands, otherwise you’d tape your savings to the inside of a bin lid and call it First Bank of Refuse. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Reviews/Verifiable Fanbase

Yes, we live in the Yelpstorm and it can be hard to discern a vocal majority from a silent majority. Check the reviews, see what people with boots on the ground are saying, but keep an eye out for both shill and hater reviews. Likewise with ambassadors, while you shouldn’t believe every word from the mouth of someone paid to flatter, it’s a good sign when a recognisable face reps a room; most big pros wouldn’t dare sully their stellar reps shouting-out a lesser product.

Customer support

Like a good bra, customer support will offer you enough support that you don’t have to overthink things, and will even make you feel great! Issues with your bonus? Don’t understand promo rules? Why beat yourself up; any room worth its salt should offer a number of options; look out for Discord, Telegram, Whatsapp Business and livechat. Remember, you can’t spell support without ‘sup’ - say hello and don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Very much linked to point 1 but worth reiterating. In our age of Marvel super franchises, we should look more to the everyday heroes on the frontline of poker security, deep-diving into bot rings, providing due diligence to ensure you’re playing on a level field. In this day and age, even the dodgy rooms will have moderate to decent security, but always strive for more.

The hopefully but OK withouts

Do they delight you?

Are you delighted? Anyone and their mother can send a ‘sorry’ email, but a room who wants to keep their community loyal and ecstatic is not cutting corners in this regard. Be delighted, be Angel Delight; butterscotch flavour please.

Device support

You’re a modern go-getter, a jet setter, an urban explorer (exploring the urban jungle, not breaking into the old Nestle factory to hunt for ghosts); you need to be permanently accessible. We’re a nation of cyborgs and we need all our devices accounted for!

Alien Contact

Just making suRe yOu guyS WEre paying fuLL attention!

The cherries on top

Payment service

Poker has gone global. With people chasing their poker dreams from far afield, it’s important your consumer demands at catered to. One payment processor serving your region? Sure, but what if it goes down and you’re stuck in limbo for weeks without a penny. Always ensure multiple processors are actively serving you. Many rooms will gladly provide a list of processors upon request.

Great content

Great content is the ultimate cherry on top. Sure, nobody needs a daily videos, twitch highlights and weekly blogs, but these are the strands that weave the capital S into service. Once you’ve been delighted, what could be nicer than weekly relevant poker content? Not exactly do or die but very much why not try!

There you have it. Best of luck finding your new poker room. We’ll see you at the next World Series.

Mike at GGPoker

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Worst Played 33 Of All Time?

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