Friday, 31 August 2012

Thursday, 30 August 2012

No Impact Whatsoever

Another wreck of a month at the tables. The graph above is nice to look at but has no impact on my slide at the tables this month.

Looks like I will take home a pathetic five hundred bucks including bonus.

At least Stars is giving a free $100 re-load. :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Man, I thought I was good here....

I bet you can't guess what hands popped up here??

Monday, 27 August 2012

Switching from Poker to Roulette

I fancied a bit of live poker yesterday so I decided to hit the VIC in London.

As there were 4 of us we took the car. It was the Sunday before the bank holiday so the roads were manic.

It took around 90 mins to get there and when we arrived the car park was full and we couldn't find parking on the streets around so decided to head to the Sportman Casino.

There is only 1 poker table at the sportsman and it was empty so I headed straight to the bar to smash a few beers before trying my luck at the roulette tables.

I played 2 sessions and my luck was in, taking in just under $200 profit. Now I have to decide whether to switch over to being a roulette pro....... :)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

WTF is Going on Here??

The way this one played out I thought there were 6 aces in the deck

Pretty shocked to see villains holding but the result is what the last 2 months have been all about. I think my run is now the worst of all time. I could probably post another 100 hands like this over the last 8 weeks but I will stop whingeing now and post an interesting one.

In this hand the villain is a decent reg and I have a decent sample on him. I am about to smash the raise button when I notice his aggro factor is very high at 7. Because of this I decide to just call and take him down post.

I didn't envisage another reg with an aggro factor of 6 also entering the fray.....

This final hand is against a huge whale. The ending is pretty sick. You know what's coming...

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gotta Learn to Read the Board Jack

It still makes me chuckle a little when I see a fish or whale misread this board. It is quite a rare occurrence for the cards to run out like this so I guess these guys get confused. Its best 5 cards not 6.....

An Ace and a Queen... time to open:

He leads the flop....

I'm aggro wit 2 overs so lets raise:

Another 6 onboard and he checks. No reason to bet here... If he has a Jack he will crai and I will be forced to fold. Check back:

And another 6, best card in the deck for me. 

Oh wait, he leads here... it could be a chop or is he one of those dudes that misreads this board.

Yup he had a Jack but Jack no good....

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

85 Billionth Hand Hits on Stars + Update

I was playing a personal record breaking 28 tables simultaneously at the moment the mega milestone hit. 

My table limit had recently been increased but I don't usually play more than 20 unless I am milestone mining.

It was all in vain as I missed out again and am yet to hit a milestone or mega milestone hand.

The 85 Billionth Hand hit an NL5 table where the previous pot was a staggering $0.12, lol. Its nice when the little guys win these promos.

The Winner was som6873 whose K4s scooped the pot and took home $26,300 in total, congrats..!!

In other news my comeback is well and truly under way at NL25:

I will receive my bonus today but I will have to withdraw it to pay bills so I will need to win around 7 more BIs at NL25 before my roll gets to where I am happy and I move back up to NL50.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Nits Gunna Nit....

While grinding the 25 I spotted an amazing nit. He could well be the tightest player that I have spotted. With a sample of over 200 hands he was playing 3/3.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

5 Alive

Since my downswing began last month it peaked at around 60 Bis down. That pretty much equals my worst ever swing in terms of Buy-Ins. The last time was at higher limits and a lot of $$$$.

The bad run has resulted in the unlikely situation of me not being rolled for NL50 and having to drop down to NL25. Now, in actual terms I can easily deposit and be back up at NL50 or NL100 but I am stubborn and want to work it back up.

I am only a few days away from a $1,600 bonus which will boost me straight back up to NL50 so I am enjoying NL25 and noticing a marked difference in the game quality. NL25 is a lot easier to beat than NL50. Reading forum posts lead me to believe the gap in player quality was a lot narrower but what I have seen over a few days leads me to the conclusion that it is wider than many people think.

I played 5 sessions today, winning all of them. The players were splashing the cash around. A few more days like this and I will wipe out my downswing completely:

On Saturday I intend on winning a poker tournament when the Stars VIP freeroll kicks off. I could certainly do with bagging a 6-figure payday..!!

Friday, 10 August 2012


Monkey Tilt, Spew, Coolers, Bad Beats, FPS etc etc etc.......

Anything that could go wrong is and anything I can do to shoot myself in the face I am obliging..

After being up +$20k for the year I am now on a sick downer:

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Downswing Continues

I have continued to lose at the tables. As soon as I came back from time out last month I can't win a dime. A 2 week rest and I have forgotten how to play the game.....

On a positive note I did win a small tournament :)

It was a home game run by Pokerstars Player Neil Ross:

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July 2012 Review

I have just had my first losing month in almost 2yrs.

I pretty much only played the last 10 days of the month due to being busy with real life stuff.

Still managed decent volume though. August will we see me attempt to bag 2 x $1,600 bonuses doing solid volume and to get back to winning ways.

The final numbers for July are as follows:

87,860 Hands Played
12,953 VPPs

-$699 (Cash Game Losses)

The Ytd numbers are as follows:

629,301 Hands Played
100,941 VPPs

+$3,648 - Jan
+$3,213 - Feb
+$2,023 - Mar
+$2,072 - Apr
+$3,642 - May
+$5,120 - June
-$699 - July
+$19,018 (Total YTD) 

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