Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November 2010 Review

Month 11 complete and as usual its seems to be over in a flash. When I was a kid someone once told me that the older you get the faster time seems to elapse.... tru dat...

I will be having today off from the felt to relax and to pack as I am of to Paris tomorrow for a 2 Day Break. It will be my first visit and hopefully not covered in snow as is in the UK

At mid month I was up just under $500 in table winnings. That was soon boosted and i went on a mini heater for the next week and peaked at just below $2k winnings. The doomswitch was then activated, followed by the spew button and I went on to lose about half my winnings over the course of the month.

A few months back I talked about certain books I was reading to improve my game. I am still ploughing through these and that will be a large part of December's target to complete them.

I was one of the first to complete the volume pool on 2+2. I could have entered a higher pool as my results below will show but as it was my first time I was being somewhat cautious particularly because of an Internet downtime incident in the month. The final results are yet to be determined but there is already 1 confirmed fail in my group, so I will get at least $25.

My HEM graph shows that I have won this month at above AIEV but on the tables I feel around even. I suppose you remember the bad beats more than the suck outs. This months spew estimate is around $500.

I managed to get 653rd out of 18394 runners in the Turbo Takedown Tourney for a $200 cash. I like this tournament and play every month. Hopefully I can get the repeat cash bonus next month. I was also sat with a team pro for the first time ever in a Tourney. I will try and get the Bounty next month if it happens again.

The final numbers for November are as follows:

140,000 Hands Played
22,000 VPPs

+$844 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$145 (Tourney Winnings)
+$53 (Volume Pool Winnings)
+$3,400 (200k VPP Milestone Bonus)
+$4,442 (Total Month)

The YTD numbers as at the end of November are as follows:

200,018 VPPs

+$5,745 - Jan*
+$3,385 - Feb*
+$467 - Mar*
+$1,620 - Apr*
+$1,234 - May*
-$1,555 - June
-$360 - July
+$1,208 - Aug
+$1,198 - Sept
+$1,974 - Oct
+$4,442 - Nov
+$19,358 (Total YTD)

* indicates winnings attained as a part-time player

December will be pretty relaxed before I commence my SNE challenge for 2011. I will be moving back to NL100 and maybe throw in a few NL200 tables too. I will also as usual work on developing my game further

Away from the tables I was lucky enough to go on a memorable trip. I have been a big Liverpool FC fan for over 25yrs but never had the chance to visit the club's home ground. 5 of us went down there this month and saw an excellent match vs West Ham United with Liverpool Destroying them 3-0. Here is a brief clip that I took of the Anfield Anthem, You'll Never Walk Alone:

GL All.........


Friday, 26 November 2010

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a street in the East End of London. It runs from Swanfield Street in the northern part of Bethnal Green, crosses Bethnal Green Road, passes through Spitalfields and is linked to Whitechapel High Street to the south by the short stretch of Osborn Street.

Today, it is the heart of the city's Bangladeshi community and is known to some as Banglatown. It is famous for its many curry houses.

Yesterday I visited this famous street in London for the first time an enjoyed a nice curry. You can walk the entire length of Brick Lane in about 10 minutes.

Winding through fields, the street was formerly called Whitechapel Lane but derives its current name from former brick and tile manufacture. By the 17th century, the street was being built up from the south. Successive waves of immigration began with Huguenot refugees spreading from Spitalfields, where the master weavers were based, in the 17th century. They were followed by Irish, Ashkenazi Jews and, in the last century, Bangladeshis. The area became a centre for weaving, tailoring and the clothing industry, due to the abundance of semi- and unskilled immigrant labour.

In the 20th century the Brick Lane area was important in the second wave of development of Anglo-Indian cuisine, as families from countries such as Bangladesh (mainly the Greater Sylhet region) migrated to London to look for work. More recently the area has also broadened to being a vibrant art and fashion student area, with considerable exhibition space. Each year most of the fine art and fashion courses exhibit their work near Brick Lane.

Monday, 15 November 2010

November Mid Month Review

It was Round 3 yesterday when David Haye decided to turn it on and dispatch Fraudley Harrison in style! Something to do with the fact that he had bet on himself to win in this round.... hmmm... controversial to say the least but he is the most exciting heavyweight around, so we forgive him his dodgyness .

I hope the fight with one or both Klitschkos can be made in 2011 before he hangs up the gloves. All the best to the Hayemaker... Bring it home!!

Clips are now available on YouTube.

It's the 15th of November already, mid month and i have been busy grinding my butt off at NL50 with lil NL100 thrown in for fun.

The month looks like this:

For the first ever i joined the volume pools on the 2+2 forum. These basically work as follows; you say how many hands you think you can do in a specific month, then you attempt to play them. The minimum level is NL50. Anyone who fails their pool forfeits the cost to the successful players. More details available through the link


The pools are: 50k, 75k, 100k, 150k, 200k and 300k. You can join a maximum of 2 pools and it costs: $250, $350, $500, $750, $1k and $2k respectively to enter. I entered the 50k and 75k pools which will cost $600 in total if I fail.

The numbers for November so far are as follows:

67,000 Hands Played
10,000 VPPs

+$515 (Cash Game Winnings)
-$55 (Tourney Loses)
+$460 (Total Month)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

9 Milla

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win $9m....? Well i must admit i have wondered often about having just $1m but never $9m. Someone who won't be wondering is Johnathan Duhamel, a 23yr old from Canada who on Monday scooped the WSOP 2010 Main Event Title and with it the second biggest payday ever in poker history. Entering the November nine as chip leader he played solid, considered poker and held out to crack his opponents K8s with his AJo shove. One Tourni and he is set.... Prior to this his career earnings in 4yrs were less than $100k. Poker can change your life.... All the best to Duhamel....

Here is the winning clip:

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