Sunday, 31 October 2010

October 2010 Review

Well I have just been dumped out of the Turbo Takedown and missed the cash by a few spots. I picked up KQs in the Cut-Off and pushed after they all folded to me. I could have folded and hung on for 1 more orbit and picked up the $78 min cash, but hey I was in it to win it..!! Anyway the SB called with 88 and it held up.

This Tourni has such a bad structure and its not long before it turns into a all-in shove fest. Its fun though and with the 3000 FPP buy-in it attracts over 20,000 entrants. I do enjoy playing it and will go for it again next month....

So, October is done and its time to review.

The main thing to take place this month is my grind set-up. I have a new PC which does not lag at all and have a better room to play poker. I also have a new chair as detailed in my last post.

This last week I decided to make a change to my table set-up. I am now playing 24 Tables instead of 20. The trial has gone well and even though i find the intensity pretty tough sometimes i see the benefit in terms of an SNE chase next year.

I carried out some excel analysis a while back which tells me that over a course of a year you would have to grind 8hrs a day with 20Tables of NL100 to hit SNE. If you bump that up to 24Tables the equation becomes 6.5hrs which is much more appealing. Also if i split it between 18x NL100 and 6x NL200 i should get there no probs. Now i just gotta figure out how to play poker... lol

The second half of the month was disastrous in terms of run-bad.... not quite as bad as June but there were so many occasions when i got all the money in good on the flop or turn only to have a vicious bad beat inflicted on me by the poker gods.

Today, was a great example. It's Session 1 and i find myself in position on a big donk.. I PTR'd him and he was a losing player and i noticed he was very active and playing something like 35/10. He is on the button and raises to 4x, the SB folds and pick up AKs in the BB... so, i raise to 14x... he shoves and i call and he Turns over AKs also and hits his flush.... Raaaaaarrr.. Then, the very next hand i get KK in the SB and all fold to him and he raises to 4x again in the Cut-Off and i raise to 14x as before and he shoves again. I snap call and he turns over ATs and completes a Juicy Full House by the River... So im stacked by a buffoon 2 Hands in a Row. He then starts laughing in the chat box while i am wiping away the tears on my new chair. Man.

I could have easily made a loss this month with my beats but I managed scrape some winnings. If I had run at EV and not Tilt Spewed I would have made winnings in excess of $2k. My Tilting cost me around $400 I reckon.

The final numbers for October are as follows:

128,000 Hands Played
20,000 VPPs

+$575 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$10 (Tourney Winnings)
-$111 (Grinding Chair Investment)
+$1,500 (FPP Cash Bonus)
+$1,974 (Total Month)

The YTD numbers as at the end of October are as follows:

177,677 VPPs

+$5,745 - Jan*
+$3,385 - Feb*
+$467 - Mar*
+$1,620 - Apr*
+$1,234 - May*
-$1,555 - June
-$360 - July
+$1,208 - Aug
+$1,198 - Sept
+$1,974 - Oct
+$14,916 (Total YTD)

* indicates winnings attained as a part-time player

My biggest objective for November will be to hit 200k VPPs and pick up the Bonus. This will take my Bankroll to around $7,500 and enable me to go back to NL100

I will be issuing a fun November Challenge for myself, so stay tuned for that one. Lets all have a great November.

So Happy Halloween and GL on the Felt..!!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Ergonomic GREEN Grinding Comfort

I have just purchased my new Grinding Chair. It's an awesome Green Colour as you can see, LOL. The specific design that i wanted was only available in that shade so i had no choice... but its growing on me even though everyone else hates it..!!

Its Soooooo Comfortable to sit in that i am a bit too relaxed. However it's not as good as the Lamborghini Chair that I sat in at the motor show. That costs around £300 ($477) but is amazing. I would have got it but I don't know where to buy it and can't be bothered to search.

This bad boy set me back £70 ($111) and I have just done my first session in the ergonomically designed Hot Seat. Already paying for itself i made $127 in 1600 hands even though I got coolered with KK vs AA aipf and also lost a KK vs AK aipf. The lucks still against me but managing to scrape wins.

It was just the sesh that I needed after yesterdays hammering. I played woefully and was down around -$480 at one stage before rallying to finish the day down around -$280 with rakeback, worst day of the month so far.

Heres a short clip of my new set-up:

Thursday, 14 October 2010

October Mid Month Review

It's a day early before we reach mid month but i'm off out socialising today/ tonight so today's play is done. Made a whopping $7. I wish i wouldn't make silly river calls. Made a couple of big boo boos today.

I also had some unknown 3bet me on 4 diff tables within 5mins. Thought he was taking the piss so i 4bet shoved with 99 on the 4th time and he snapped with QQ. I am a DONK. No more of that crap.... back to Nitty NITski

Pokerstars have made a few changes to their set-up, not too sure what they all are, but i heard its speed improvements on the normal tables, so maybe a few extra VPPs per session

Anyways, it's mid month, so lets see what i have been doing

The mtd numbers for October are as follows:

33,000 Hands Played
6,000 VPPs

+$407 (Cash Game Winnings)

I have been playing mainly at NL50 with a few NL100 Tables per Session. Really Happy with my new PC and set-up.... just need to step up the volume now. Been playing between 4-5hrs per day. From next week i want step that up to 7hrs per day and to 8hrs per day from the following week

Need some cash as i have just received a nasty £1,000 credit card bill... Ouch...

I hope to get a $1,500 bonus before the month ends. Hopefully i will end the month up over $2,000 in Total... lets do it...!!

GL all.......

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Let The Games Begin

Its been a long time since i have been able to play more than 10 Tables due to my PC lagging under the pressure.....

Anyway my new monster machine has arrived and i have also today re-located it to a quieter room and have just played my 1st 20Table session under the new set-up.

Anyway, it was a great success, making around $200 and there was no sign of any nasty unwanted lagging... awesome

I need to get used to the time pressure of playing 20Tables again as 10Tabling is so easy

Also i am experimenting with wireless for the first time on a desktop i have had no problems so far...!!

I am now confident that i can make 200k VPPs and possibly 300k like i had wanted to before my old machine slowed...

So, let the games begin........

Friday, 1 October 2010

September 2010 Review

So another month passes... Its seems like just yesterday that i was writing the August Review, time is really flying, lol.

There have been a few things going on in September...
WCOOP, 50Billionth Hand on PS, EPT London has just begun.....

I played in WCOOP event 3 and managed to cash. I have a new PC which is still being set-up.... should be done within a couple of days. I have not managed to complete reading the texts that i have to, so they are still to do in Oct.

Since my mid month review, my play has been pretty average. I have had a few bad beats but my luck has been pretty much average and volume has been poor, so not much to write about.

Here's one hand i remember from FR NL100: There was a maniac fish running at around 56/10. He is in MP and i am in the CO. He opens with a 3x bet and i re-raise with KQs to around 9x. The Flop come down 4KQ rainbow and he checks.... I bet around 70% pot and he calls. the Turn card bring a 5 and he leads into me with a around 60% Pot bet.... I am putting him on AK even though i have a blocker or maybe JT as he tanked on the flop before he called. If he has QQ good luck to him... I shove and he tanks, using almost all of his time bank before he calls showing AJo with no flush draw....... and you know what happens next... yes the T on the river completes his straight and i lose a $200 pot, ouch..... just another bad beat....

The final numbers for September are as follows:

54,000 Hands Played
9,000 VPPs

-$403 (Cash Game Losses)
+$100 (WCOOP Re-load Bonus)
+$50 (50 Billion Hand Bonus)
+$412 (Tourney Winnings)
+$38 (Home/Live Game Winnings)
+$1,001 (Concierge Rebate re New PC)
+$1,198 (Total Month)

The YTD numbers as at the end of September are as follows:

+$5,745 - Jan*
+$3,385 - Feb*
+$467 - Mar*
+$1,620 - Apr*
+$1,234 - May*
-$1,555 - June
-$360 - July
+$1,208 - Aug
+$1,198 - Sept
+$12,942 (Total YTD)

* indicates winnings attained as a part-time player

Pokerstars has announced that Cash Reward Bonuses will no longer require clearing. This is good news as i can now receive cash at a faster rate.

I am thinking about an October challenge for myself, i will issue a new post once my new PC is up n running

GL to all.....
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