Hi and welcome to the coaching page.

That's 1.8 million hands in the graph above.

Having played poker since 2005 I have an excellent grasp of all the concepts needed to play No Limit Hold'em successfully and profitably at the micro stakes level.

I enjoy passing on my knowledge to others and relish the chance to see somebody improve and grow as a player and realise their potential within this game of skill.

I have played over 5 million hands of NLH poker.

Under Construction - Due to be complete soon

I am putting together packages for players who play no-limit hold'em at the following levels

NL2, NL5, NL10, NL25 and NL50

Due to other commitments I will not complete these within the next few months

I am currently using Skype to talk with students. I will also add Teamviewer soon

Package Tutoring will include training on:

table selection, bankroll management, hand ranges, odds and probabilities, fold equity, EV, bluffing, HUD stats, stats databases, positional play, board texture, pre and post play, leading and raising, equity estimation, floating, barrelling, check raising, 3betting, 4betting, villain type and perception, reasons for betting, tells, playing multi way, balancing your range, tilt control and more

I will split and combine packages into convenient formats

Current prices for these packages are as follows:

$ TBC = Package 1
$ TBC = Package 2
$ TBC = Package 3
$ TBC = Package 4
$ TBC = Package 5

Personalised Tutoring:

Students may find that personal ad-hoc tutoring and discussion may be more appropriate to their needs than package tutoring.
This will include database analysis, sweat sessions, hand replay analysis and anything you want to talk about, including anything mentioned above in the package section

Current prices for these sessions are as follows:

$75 = 2hrs
$43 = 1hr
$28 = 30mins

Video Review:

The pressure of being in a sweat may compromise your game. If you record yourself playing in your own time and without anyone watching then I am happy to review it for you and discuss hands.

Current prices for these sessions are as follows:

$75 = 2hrs
$43 = 1hr
$28 = 30mins


In order to prove that I can beat the levels described above I will undertake multiple sessions at each level commencing in September 2011. I will play a minimum of 3,000 hands at each level and post a graph. I will play less tables than my usual 16 in order to increase my win rate and avoid multi-tabling mistakes.

NL50: The stake that I am currently playing at the time of this post. This level is a lot tougher than the other 4 below but beatable all the same.

NL25: I did almost 6000 hands at this level and was able to beat it at around 14pt bb/100 as you can see from the graph below. There is a lot more 3bet/ 4bet dynamic as compared to the 3 levels below but once I adjusted I was beat the level.

NL10:  This level is so loose and very interesting. I saw some plays which I don't see at NL50 upwards.... maybe for a reason as there are quite exploitable. If you know what you are doing this is a good level for a part time player as you can easily win 3BIs per night after working a job for a nice little bonus income.

NL5:  While playing NL50 I decided to take a crack at this level too and played a couple of sessions. I played solid over 3000 hands at this level and here are the results. A fun level to play at.

NL2:  I didn't want to spend too much time at this level as it is so much lower than my usual stake so I stopped after winning 10 BIs. Solid players will be able to crush this level.


The best way to contact me is by emailing me at  Please enter something like 'x_ROSH125_x Poker Coaching' in the subject header so that I can recognise your mail from any junk mail filtered items.

You can also contact me by leaving your email in any blog post with a short message. I will then get back to you as soon as possible.

Payment Options:

My preference is to receive transfers via Pokerstars. Please send to:  x_ROSH125_x

Alternatively you can pay by PayPal. There is a link below:

Thanks and GL

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