Saturday, 29 October 2011

He's Repping the Jackson Five

If you don't know who Nanonoko is then you must be residing on another planet.

Seriously though he is probably unknown outside the Poker World. For those who don't know, he is the number 1 mass multi tabling grinder on the planet who plays 24 high stakes tables of 6 max cash games simultaneously.

I have included a clip at the bottom showing his sick sick skills.

In 2008 he was involved in a funny hand that I have only just found the transcript of. I had heard about the hand but never knew that he had posted it on-line.

Here it a copy taken from his forum post:

nanonoko: raises $8 to $12
uk_djerba: folds
mugsyjets: calls $8
*** FLOP *** [7c Qs 2h]
mugsyjets: bets $20
nanonoko: raises $506.25 to $526.25 and is all-in
mugsyjets said, "u beat AQ?"
mugsyjets said, "wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
mugsyjets: calls $409 and is all-in
*** TURN *** [7c Qs 2h] [6c]
*** RIVER *** [7c Qs 2h 6c] [Ac]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
mugsyjets: shows [As Qc] (two pair, Aces and Queens)
nanonoko: shows [5c Jc] (a flush, Ace high)
nanonoko collected $882 from pot

mugsyjets: what a fcuking joke
mugsyjets: stupid fcuking moron
mugsyjets: youre a fcuking stupid kunt, fish
mugsyjets: runner runner flush
mugsyjets: fcuk you kunt
mugsyjets: speak up dikhead
Mooshoo: he's repping the jackson five
Mooshoo: don't hate
mugsyjets: stupid fcuking ****
mugsyjets: god damn slope
mugsyjets: fcuking jokerstars rewards morons like you is whats funny
mugsyjets: say something you gutless poussy
nanonoko: hello sir
mugsyjets: your play was so obvious you hAD nothing
micutu17: i would love to punch in the mouth whoever built the system
micutu17: def a sick *******
micutu17: always rewards fish
nanonoko: fishes call
nanonoko: hence you are the fish and i'm not
mugsyjets: fishes call???????????? thats what u say?
mugsyjets: i had you KILLED u fcuking moron
nanonoko: don't you know fishes love to call?
mugsyjets: it was an obvious steal with that overbet and now u are criticizing my play?????????????
mugsyjets: youre a fcuking joke
nanonoko: the say the best players are the ones who puts a man to a decision for all of his chips
mugsyjets: LMAO
mugsyjets: you must be another stupid fcuking asian
micutu17: lol
mugsyjets: u did and i read you perfectly
mugsyjets: fcuking donk
nanonoko: BTW
nanonoko: i am NANONOKO

Dealer: mugsyjets has a pair of Kings
Dealer: nanonoko has a pair of Aces
Dealer: Game #15889845865: nanonoko wins pot ($199) with a pair of Aces 

He is NANONOKO and with over $3m in earnings he is a phenomenon:

Friday, 28 October 2011

Graham Norton Show

I went to the Graham Norton show last night.

For those who have never watched it, it is a comedy chat show that is broadcast on BBC1 on Friday nights.

The guests were James McAvoy, Joanna Lumley, John Bishop and Nancy Dell'olio.

The Band on the night was the Arctic Monkeys.

It was an excellent show and if you get the chance to watch BBC1, then its on at 22:30.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Assault on Omaha

I have spent the last few days learning how to play Omaha. I read a book and have been playing PLO5 since.

I played a lot of Omaha hands one month last year. I played a super lag maniac style and the ups and down were huge in terms of BIs and I lost overall.

I am now playing a tighter, more controlled and intelligent style, while aggressive in good spots. I have now become a winning player over the last 4 or 5 days and I am up around 14 BIs. I have learnt a lot about the nuances of the game and am making less mistakes. I am only playing 6 tables and each is 6-handed.

This game is a lot of fun and I am enjoying playing. It takes a while to get the hang of it but it is good fun.

If you have tilt issues then give Omaha a miss as you will encounter some ridiculous shoves from villains that get there and drive you mad. It's high variance game and is more complicated than Hold'em as you have 4 cards but you must use 2 of them. At first you will get confused with when you have a flush, straight, trips and full houses but eventually it comes together.

My goal is to beat PLO5 and then move up to PLO10 and eventually to PLO25 where I will then just play for fun on occasion inbetween my NLH sessions . Maybe a few drunk gambling Omaha sessions ahead.....

We all know the best NLH hands but for those who are curious here are the Top 30 best Omaha hands (they should be double suited):

See yous on zeeee felt... later

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Adrenaline Rush

I got a little bit too excited when I had a Royal Flush Draw and shoved. MP is an aggroreg that will often call this type of play but a 3x raise would have been a much better play. The best possible poker hand arrived on the river and I made my thirteenth Royal Flush

Poker Stars $50.00 No Limit Hold'em - 7 players

Hero (BTN): $70.70
SB: $44.00
BB: $4.05
UTG: $50.00
UTG+1: $50.00
MP: $52.65
CO: $53.10

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is BTN with A of diamonds Q of diamonds
2 folds, MP raises to $2, 1 fold, Hero calls $2, 1 fold, BB raises to $4.05, MP calls $2.05, Hero calls $2.05

Flop: ($12.40) 5 of spades T of diamonds J of diamonds (3 players)
MP bets $7.00, Hero raises to $66.65, MP folds

Turn: ($26.40) K of hearts (2 players)

River: ($26.40) K of diamonds (2 players)

Final Pot: $26.40

Hero shows A of diamonds Q of diamonds
BB shows 6 of diamonds A of hearts

Hero wins $11.80

Monday, 17 October 2011

Micro Mania - uNL Poker

The commonly classed levels that come under the micro poker stakes banner are NL2, NL5, NL10, NL25 and NL50.

My normal level of recent months has been NL50 even though I have spent most of my lifetime poker play at NL100.

As I have decided to coach micro players in the future I spent some time over the last 2 weeks playing at NL2, NL5, NL10 and NL25. I witnessed a lot of interesting plays that helped me to understand how the game plays out at these lower stakes and how they differ from NL50 and NL100.

My coaching page is about half complete and you can find it on the right hand side pane. I will write a full post about this once it is ready.

Over the last week or so most of my play has been at NL10. Here are my results:

I will slowly ease back into NL50 and NL100 over the next few days. Most of my time over the next 9 weeks will be dedicated to my Accountancy course so my volume will pick up only after December 15th.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Come Fly With Me.............

Some of you guys might remember a post I wrote a while back about the Inbetweeners Movie and the TV series.

Anyway, if you like that show then you probably have a similar taste in comedy to myself.

If you have never watched the show 'Come Fly With Me' then you need to get hold of the dvd or download it. There is only 1 series so far with 6 episodes.

It is British Humour at its funniest. It's created by the Little Britain guys David Walliams and Matt Lucus. I think it is way better than Little Britain though.

He are some of the characters and a short clip of one of the sketches:


Clip of Immigration Officer Ian:

Friday, 14 October 2011

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

We're All In....!!

A fun hand from NL10 yesterday

UTG is an 89/6 over a small sample
MP2 is a 7/7 over a small sample and the only one that we need to worry about
SB is a 44/16 over a small sample too

When the 7/7 Jams I think I am done for but I break even in this pot due to winning the side pot

Poker Stars $10.00 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players

MP2: $10.00
CO: $10.00
BTN: $3.74
SB: $5.40
Hero (BB): $17.58
UTG: $25.71
UTG+1: $7.74
UTG+2: $4.17
MP1: $10.16

Pre Flop: ($0.15) Hero is BB with K of hearts K of spades
1 fold, UTG+1 raises to $0.20, 2 folds, MP2 raises to $0.60, 2 folds, SB raises to $1.20, Hero raises to $17.58, UTG+1 calls $7.54 all in, MP2 calls $9.40 all in, SB calls $4.20 all in

Flop: ($33.14) 7 of spades T of diamonds 6 of diamonds (4 players - 3 are all in)

Turn: ($33.14) A of spades (4 players - 3 are all in)

River: ($33.14) J of clubs (4 players - 3 are all in)

Final Pot: $33.14

MP2 shows Q of diamonds Q of hearts
SB shows A of clubs Q of clubs
Hero shows K of hearts K of spades
UTG+1 shows 9 of diamonds K of diamonds

SB wins $20.52
(Rake: $-5.93)

I have 46% equity on the flop, no way is my hand gonna hold, lol

Friday, 7 October 2011

Hand Reading - Know the Basics

One of the first things that I learnt in poker was to hand read. I'm not talking about any advanced stuff in the heat of battle vs specific opponents but basic hands that beat other hands.

I was thinking about a hand from about 5yrs ago in a Live STT because hand reading was on my mind after I witnessed 2 funny hands from a recent online session. So here are all 3 hands with the 2 online ones first.

1. The first hand is quite a common occurrence but when recreational players are around it can be quite funny.

I'm in a small pot multi way in the SB and I don't think there was a bet on the flop or turn. By the river the board is KJQAT with no flush possibilities so basically the board plays. Now, if I am on the button and it checks to me, depending on the size and who it is against I may take a stab at it just in case someone folds out of a chop. In the hand above one guy bet small and 2 people folded. It can be just a waste of rake against a reg but against an unknown it has happened where I have got someone to fold.

2. Hand 2 is more interesting as I think it is one that gets many a fish/ recreational players confused. UTG min raises and it folds to me in the BB with 78s and I just call. Board runs out AJJJJ and there is no betting on the flop or turn. On the river I decide to have a laugh and lead out 2x the pot and he insta folds and I take down a tiny pot vs an unknown. I think a lot of players think that if I have an Ace or AA then I could have a big full house but actually they don't understand that 4 of a kind with an ace is unbeatable with any 2 hole cards so again the board plays.

3. This is the hand from 5 years ago in the Live Tourney. I played the hand terribly I know but I had no clue back then. I limp UTG with 76o and there are 4 people to the flop with no raise pre. Flop comes down 345hh, checks round, turn is 2h, putting the flush possibility out there, checks round (lol, I know I sucked), River is the an ace (different suit). So there is a straight on the board with a possible flush and I have the highest nut straight available. It checks round to the guy on the button who just goes all-in. I tank for a few seconds and call and the other 2 players fold. I say 'what cha got? and he replies 'the board obviously', but it wasn't obvious and he was a huge fish and didn't even see the possible flush and was shocked when I turned over the 67. His expression was priceless as he got knocked out with a shove in a nothing pot, lol.

The moral of the above hands is make sure that you always know what the NUTS is...!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Monday, 3 October 2011

The Most Followed People On Twitter

I am not a huge user of twitter but I like the fact that you can receive the most up to date information via them on many occasions. Just watch out for the false stories that also arise.

After seeing a quiz question the other day I was quite surprised to learn that some people have 8 figure followings.

This just shows how big the site has become in a relatively short space of time. It is rumoured to have 200 million users worldwide.

So who are the most followed? Well, Topping the list is Lady Gaga with over 14 million followers, damn....

1. Lady Gaga - 14.0m+
2. Justin Bieber - 13.0m+
3. Katy Perry - 10.4m+
4. Barack Obama - 10.3m+
5. Kim Kardashian - 10.1m+
6. Britney Spears - 9.8m+
7. Shakira - 8.9m+
8. Taylor swift - 8.2m+
9. Rihanna - 7.9m+
10. Ashton Kutcher 7.8m+

Someway down the list is me with a massive 22 followers, lol.

x_ROSH125_x on twitter

More random geeky facts next time....


Saturday, 1 October 2011

September 2011 Review

It's been an another interesting month in the Poker World.

As the Full Tilt Situation seems to get worse by the day Pokerstars seems to be getting stronger with new software updates, talk of a RUSH poker type game and of course WCOOP which just finished. I didn't play any events this time around but I railed a few final tables which was fun.

My study course will now take centre stage till the middle of December so you will notice my volume drop this month and in the next 2 months while I work on this.

Unfortunately for those of you waiting to see me win my EPT event you will have to wait till next year as I was unable to attend due to other commitments arising.

In September I also got to meet some other Stars players from London as the cricket event was organised by Stars Rep Jonny. It was a good night and I hope there are more to come in the future.

I am planning to visit the Westernclub in October which is a poker club based in Park Royal, a few miles from where I live. Doyle Brunson is due to make an appearance there and I would like to meet him. I basically learned how to play poker from his 2 Super System books a long time ago.

I am also working on creating Coaching Packages for micro players. I now have a link on the right hand side pane with some details that are finalised and others that are still in progress. I would really like to become a coach and help others to improve and take their games forward. Some of my prices are listed and they are extremely competitive with most coaches out there. More to come on this once it is complete.

The final numbers for September are as follows:

110,000 Hands Played
15,783 VPPs

+$1,828 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$15 (Online Tourni Winnings)
+$105 (Live Cash Winnings, (80 + 25))
-$114 (Stake Buy)
+$1,833 (Total Month)

The Ytd numbers as at the end of September are as follows:

1,019,000 Hands Played
238,075 VPPs

-$1,214 - Jan
+$1,075 - Feb
+$722 - Mar
+$4,766 - Apr
+$3,278 - May
+$415 - Jun
+$1,334 - Jul
+$2,341 - Aug
+$1,833 - Sep
+$14,550 (Total YTD)
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