Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Table Ninja, What would i do without it....???

I always wondered how the hell the full time FPP pros managed to 24 table. Up until recently i was doing everything manually on up to 12 tables. This was crazy intense mayhem at times.

Now that i have discovered Table Ninja i am comfortable and even more so contemplating the SNE chase for 2011. So how the hell did i live without it....

If you multi-table u must invest in an add and for pokerstars.... Table Ninja Rocks...!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Welcome to Blogger.......

I have never ventured into this sort of forum before... so a newbie blogger has just been born, wooohooo. I will attempt to post at least one poker related entry per month ongoing.

I am x_ROSH125_x on Pokerstars, a part-time poker player and potential SNE chaser in 2011. I am contemplating making the chase next year playing NL100, NL200 & NL400 on 16 Tables using 2x 24" monitors (Which i still have to buy) and Table Ninja (which i still have to try - I will trial next month)
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