About & Contact

My name is Rosh. I'm a thirty something currently residing in London, UK.

I first started playing poker in home games with friends in 2005 and was instantly hooked.

My first online experience of poker was with sit n go's. I played those for a few months.

I then progressed onto cash games and MTT's. I now play for a living mainly on Pokerstars as well as Full Tilt and other sites. I also play live games at various casinos.

I started playing cash games at NL2 which is the lowest level and gradually moved upwards. To date the majority of my volume has been between at NL100/NL50. I want to establish myself as a regular at higher levels.

I have played over 5 million hands in my lifetime online under the username x_ROSH125_x. I have made Supernova VIP 7 Times (2010-2016).

email: rosh125@hotmail.com

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