Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Table Ninja, What would i do without it....???

I always wondered how the hell the full time FPP pros managed to 24 table. Up until recently i was doing everything manually on up to 12 tables. This was crazy intense mayhem at times.

Now that i have discovered Table Ninja i am comfortable and even more so contemplating the SNE chase for 2011. So how the hell did i live without it....

If you multi-table u must invest in an add and for pokerstars.... Table Ninja Rocks...!!


  1. table ninja is great. agree! ive been using it for a while.

    also i recommend using placemint. if you are not implemented it yet i can help you with settings for PS and whole installing and set upping.

    it opens tables automatically and sets them as you want. there is no need to adjust it manually. it is very comfortable to start sessions like that.

    my skype is kubosso. feel free to contact me.

    cheers and gl at tables.

  2. I have never used placemint but have heard about it. I just use Stars custom layouts to arrange my tables as I wish, has worked ok so far.


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