Monday, 15 November 2010

November Mid Month Review

It was Round 3 yesterday when David Haye decided to turn it on and dispatch Fraudley Harrison in style! Something to do with the fact that he had bet on himself to win in this round.... hmmm... controversial to say the least but he is the most exciting heavyweight around, so we forgive him his dodgyness .

I hope the fight with one or both Klitschkos can be made in 2011 before he hangs up the gloves. All the best to the Hayemaker... Bring it home!!

Clips are now available on YouTube.

It's the 15th of November already, mid month and i have been busy grinding my butt off at NL50 with lil NL100 thrown in for fun.

The month looks like this:

For the first ever i joined the volume pools on the 2+2 forum. These basically work as follows; you say how many hands you think you can do in a specific month, then you attempt to play them. The minimum level is NL50. Anyone who fails their pool forfeits the cost to the successful players. More details available through the link

The pools are: 50k, 75k, 100k, 150k, 200k and 300k. You can join a maximum of 2 pools and it costs: $250, $350, $500, $750, $1k and $2k respectively to enter. I entered the 50k and 75k pools which will cost $600 in total if I fail.

The numbers for November so far are as follows:

67,000 Hands Played
10,000 VPPs

+$515 (Cash Game Winnings)
-$55 (Tourney Loses)
+$460 (Total Month)


  1. keep it up dog. gl to your bets. actually you don't need luck :)

  2. i dont understand how the pools work if u payed 600 and everyone plays the required hands do u get the money back and break even????

  3. Cheers Bold

    Vost, if all pass the pool, then yes you all break-even n get your money back. Last month people failed in each pool so their money was diveded bwtween the others

  4. oh ok nice sounds easy i might have a go at it in january

  5. Hi mate stumbled on ya blog recently,im an english grinder too and would love to know where you got your chair.....kind regards and good luck ....JAZMICK

  6. hey rosh, keep up the grind...hopefully sne isn't gonna be to far out of reach for me...been doing pretty bad over the last 100k hands....see you at the tables!!

  7. Thanks rosh have one in my home town ,good luck with everything and might see you in the vic one day ....happpy days ...JAZMICK

  8. Cheers Gold and GL

    The VIC is great but i must admit the last few times that i have been there i have played Roulette exclusively due to the long queues for poker..!! GL Jaz

  9. Yea I had never heard of this pool concept, but I think its a def winner for me when I start doing SNE in Jan since I will obvs be killing with the amount of hands I get in. Seems almost like taking candy from a baby =\
    Nice graph. Keep crushing. Added you to my blogroll hope thats cool.

  10. Rex tbh i don't think people fail the volume pool too often. I havn't really followed the threads but there were a few fails last month and i think it was a rare occurance. Thx for the Blogroll addy, i will add u too.

    Oh, and a belated Happy Diwali. Im in London, and while growing up i think around 80%+ of my mates were Indian

  11. hey rosh can u add me to your blog roll mate cheers

  12. cheers bud sorry my blog aint as good as yours lol but its only just started give it time lol


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