Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Reg Whale Wars

I don't have a huge history with this reg but have seen him play a lot and he can be a manic at times. My choice to 3bet him pre is a mistake due to the fact that his 4b stat is 18% which for FR is on the high side. His fold to 3b is also not that high at 60% so I should have just called or folded in this spot. When he predictably 4bets I think I make an error with my call. I just got stubborn against a guy I know can be quite wide here and should have just let it go.

The rest just seems to be random button clicking by both whales:

A point to note is that his WTSD is 30% which means he is going to show up here with AQ/AK/Jx type hands + other random stuff so when he calls I know I am not always up against AA/KK.

All in all probably quite a badly played hand by both.

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