Monday, 8 September 2014

NL100 Comfort Zone

It's been a whole week already in September. I haven't played much poker at all, probably less than 10k hands.

The days that I have played though have all had mostly NL100 in my sessions. After a week I can say that I am liking my new set, 18x tables of FR at 100.

As long as I don't go on some huge downswing then I can see myself staying here in order to target my new primary goal which is to play NL200 as my main game.

So far I'm up only a few BIs but with a FPP bonus due this month it should not be too long before I get a shot at 2hundo.

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  1. GL at the higher stakes. I played some NL400 this weekend on Bovada and found myself playing too weak-tight. Dropped way back down to NL100 and ran over the tables. Skill-wise, the players at both stakes weren't that different, but psychologically, I had trouble playing bigger for some reason. Hope you don't have the same issue...

    1. I've been a reg at 200 before and also played a lot of 400. It was like 5 years ago though but now I have no pressure to make money from poker as I'm working full time I can gamble a bit more stress free :)

  2. I beat 100 for a modest clip, and I always thought you were among the best when you played at 50. I don't think you'll have a problem making 100 your main game, but I'll just caution you that 200 is still where dreams go to die, and I lost enough taking shots at it that I should have just kept my head down and grinded at 100.

    All that's pre-Black Friday, for whatever that's worth now.

    1. Thx man. I no longer have any poker dreams so there is nothing to die :) just fun fun fun


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