Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Pattern Of Things To Come....??? 2015..........

A healthy start to 2015. I have been playing a mix of tables from NL10 to NL100 but mainly Zoom NL100 6max:

Add an FPP cash bonus to the mix and it's a pretty good month considering I have a full time salary coming in too..!!

More of the same for the year please poker gods..!!

Want to see some of the most baller pc/poker set-ups? These are pretty awesome..!!

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  1. Hello,

    added to my blogroll, can u do the same?


  2. Hey rosh,how are you doing this days,played against you today at 2nl zoom,i guess you just played for fun to kill some time.You 5b jammed your QQ vs my KK. My life is complete now,i've stacked mighty rosh at 2nl. LOL. Good luck mate,missed your blog (

    1. Haha, nice hand. I should have just flat in position but have no reads against the 2nl pool was playing ultra aggro.

      I only play occasionally now mainly 10nl/25nl zoom but also 2nl/5nl sometimes.

      Good luck, might see you at the tables

  3. Is the blog dead or just on pause?

    1. On a life support machine, almost dead. May return soon, watch this space

    2. A little now and then, nl25 - nl100

    3. It's hard when one has a "regular" job to find time.


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