Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Controlling TILT.... Take it like a PRO...

You know the scenario, you pick up the pocket rockets in MP and make a small raise.... The guy on the button re-raises you and everyone else folds around back to you... you pop it up a bit more and your opponent moves 'all-in' to your delight...!! Yeessss..!!

He turns over 3h 3s and you are totally shocked... but not really as its NL100 and you've seen it all b4 from the gambling DONKS.... The flop comes down Qh 7d 4h and your looking cool for the double up. The turn is the Kh giving him the unlikely flush draw plus his 2 extra outs (3d, 3c) but you should still be good... Then BANG..... The River... The 6h...... hes sucked out big style and hit the flush... and Stacked your sorry ass.....

RAAAAAAAAARRRR.... Your mad and want to smash the screen..... TILT is kicking in and as your playing 20 tables this could be a dangerous period if you lose control... so what do you do??

Easier said than done but you have to take it like a PRO. The best players would not even flinch at this scenario and just carry on playing normally immediately. Luckily for me, my TILT control is very good, but even REGs can lose it especially if happens over and over again in a session or a day or day after day.

So, what can you do to re-gain emotional control?? first of all i take a deep breath and smile... the chances are that if he doesn't 'hit n run' you will probably win your money back within 50 hands.... Try to relax... If you TILT you could lose many hands in a short space of time by making ab-normally large bets to try to win back your loss. My advise would be to change gears in the other direction, i.e Tighten up a bit for around 10mins or so, then resume your normal playing range.
If you really have lost it then leave the game for an hour or so until you are calm, then resume play

Long-Term Target = Eliminate TILT completely

Stay Cool and GL

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