Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The 3 Month Trial.... a little bit closer to becoming an FPP Pro..

It seems like a long time ago since I made my first ever blog post. I talked about 2011 and pursuing SNE. In actual fact that was only 2 months ago and a few things have happened since...

1. I purchase table ninja and was amazed at what I had been missing for the previous years that I had been multi-tabling. Yes, I know, I must be the last person not to be using a script add-on to make life oh so easy. To be fair I only ever played 8 tables max and that was do-able manually. But, never again..!!

2. I now play 20 tables every time I log-in to Pokerstars and this generates a lot of FPPs over my sessions.

3. Last month I purchased a new 24" monitor and got rid of one of my 19" monitors, so I now have one 24" + one 19" screen with 10 tables visible, double stacked.

4. I have resigned from my role as a Business Analyst for which I worked at over the last 4 and a bit years. I Leave on the 28th of this month.

So, what's next??

In September I will enrol at a college to complete my ACCA accounts qualification. I have passed 10 units out of 14 and will finish the last 4 on a full time basis by December. I will then be a Qualified Accountant.

This gives me June, July and August with nothing serious to do.... so i will become a full-time FPP Pro for a trial period. I will play a minimum 3x 2hr sessions every day. 20 tables will be the order of the day with the following line up:

12x NL100
6x NL200
2x NL400

That means that I sit down with $3,200 each session. I will set my bankroll at $9,000 for this Trial.

I aim to reach Supernova VIP status by 10th June and when i reach that level i will have access to all items within the Poketstars Store including the higher Cash Bonuses.

I will target one $4,000 cash bonus each month. I worked out that it will take around 7hrs a day and 25days to make each bonus.

So, come the 1st Jan 2011 i will have a decision to make:

1. Go back to work as a qualified accountant
2. Become an FPP Pro and chase SNE

hmmmmm..... watch this space....


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  1. Gl dude! I don't think I'd recommend playing 3 different limits at once though since you probably will end up not caring about the 100nl tables at all. When I was playing a mix of 100nl and 200nl, I found that most of my attention was on the 200nl tables since the success of my sessions were mostly dictated by how I ran at the higher limit. I mean, especially if you're playing a few 400nl tables, you're not going to have a good day if you take one beat for 4 100nl buy-ins at 400nl. Either way, there's nothin' wrong with experimenting!


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