Monday, 6 September 2010

WCOOP Event #3

Today in the early hours of the morning, 6.30am to be precise i was knocked out of the WCOOP Event #3 - $215 NL Holdem ($2m Guaranteed) Tourni.

There were 12,066 entrants and the prize pool ended up at $2.4m. After 8hrs of play in a Tourni certainly not designed to be in line with UK time i finished in 718th place, beating 94% of the field and cashing for $627.43. I was knackered and went straight to bed. This was my biggest ever cash in an MTT. I would have loved to make the top 100. There is still time in the WCOOP for me to enter another one.

This Tourni was particularly unique do to the fact that i was staked to play in it by a professional poker player.

Frosty012 is young poker player from Canada who has made over $100k in 2010 and is well on his way to becoming a Supernova Elite on Pokerstars for the 1st time. He blogs at and has amassed a large following of 80 readers so far and seems to have new followers each time i log on to his site. As a thanks to his readers, many of whom are micro players he offered to stake one by pulling a name out of a hat and then putting them into a Sunday Major courtesy of him. I was the lucky one and i enjoyed every minute of it. I was also glad to be able to return his stake and to make a little profit which i might use to have another go. Cheers Bud.

Anyway time to get back onto the Cash Tables.....



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