Thursday, 16 December 2010

December Mid Month Review

This may well be one of the shortest blog posts that I have made ever. To sum up December so far:

-Went to Paris for 2 Days
-Got ill in the sub-zero weather
-Still ill
-Played virtually no Poker
-Decided that December will be a Chillax Month before I commence my SNE Chase

I am fully back at NL100 now although all my sessions have been 10Tabling and not 24. I have one goal for the rest of the month now, that is too trial a few days as will be the norm next year.... i.e I will 24Table NL100 for 8hrs and see how i find it. I have already done this a few times at NL50 in Nov, so won't be much of a shocker in terms of volume. It will however be interesting to see what I win/ lose in each session and over the course of a day

The numbers for December so far are as follows:

6,000 Hands Played
1,500 VPPs

-$189 (Cash Game Losses)
-$82 (Tourney Losses)
-$271 (Total Month)


  1. get excited mate the new year is near

  2. =\=/=\=/\/=/=/=/=\feel better=\=\=/=/\=\/=\=\/=/=\

  3. Eating my fruit n veg.... well on my way to recovery...!! Thx


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