Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Paris Trip and Aftermath

On December 1st my girlfriend and I went to Paris for 2 days and 1 night via the Eurostar High Speed Train. This was the first time I had visited Paris and also France, so I was pretty excited.

Unfortunately it was also bang in the middle of the Big Freeze. A town in the UK had hit -20c during the week and Paris was also sub-zero. I hate the cold.!!

I wrapped up warm and we managed to see many sites including:

1. Eiffel Tower
2. Arc de Triomphe
3. Champs Elysees
4. Place de la Concorde
5. The Big Wheel
6. Moulin Rouge
7. Lovure Art Gallery
8. Notre Dame
plus more....

As u can see from the pic I managed to touch the top of la tour Eiffel.

All our site seeing was in -2c of cold and constant light snow. The weather also played havoc with our Eurostar Train which took 8hrs instead of 2.5hrs to get us back to London... Raaarrrr. They have offered us a free return ticket and refunds of taxi fares as compensation. All in all a memorable trip though. Have to go again during a summer break.

Since I got back I immediately came down with the man flu and have been unable play any serious volume on the felt. Only today I am starting to feel better but still only 85%. Hopefully tomorrow I should be close to 100%.

I have now moved back up to NL100 and just trolling the lobby shows a completely different picture to NL50.... less fish, less average players, more above average players, more solid pros and more 'Red Ringed' Elite pros.... All in all a tougher playing field.

I have played terrible too and am so far down around -$350 in less than 5000 hands. Hope I can turn that around before Mid Month. I did say that I would have an easy month before I start an SNE chase in Jan. So this month i will just target a $1,500 bonus + Break Even on the tables.

There is a lot of talk about legislation soon to hit the U.S that will affect poker, maybe within the month. This could completely change my goals for next year. Will just have to wait n see.


  1. now u got me wanting to touch the eiffel tower lol just wondering what was the food like did u try snails and stuff like that and i heard they have amazing croissants in france did u get one while u were there

  2. I hav tried snails twice in my life, once in the UK and once in Spain. Pretty nice in Spain with a garlic sauce. I have also tried frogs legs in the UK at a chinese restaurant, nasty as hell..!!

    In Paris i had crepes with cheese on the champs elysees which were really good. Also had a french egg/ bean dish with a nice sauce n side salad. Forgot to try croissants

  3. wow they have snails in UK i dont think i could find snails any where in australia where i live but then again people think that we eat kangaroos and crocodiles although some people do they are far and few between. you ever been to australia rosh ?

  4. Rarely will u find snails in the UK...!! Compared to Ckn, beef, pork, lamb or fish they are nothing, just a novelty. Aussi is defo on my to do list

  5. I've seen kangaroo served in England

  6. did they ship the kangaroos from australia

  7. Paris sounds like it was a romantic blast :)
    But sorry to hear about your flu-bug =\ Hope you kicked those bugs out and on to the next 'bloke.'
    Year is winding down so hope you finish up 2010 strong.... xox


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