Friday, 4 November 2011

70 Billionth Hand Passes Through the Night

So all the Regs were mass multi tabling in an effort to be sat at 'the' table when the 70 Billionth hand on Pokerstars was dealt.

I stepped up my tables to 20 and vastly underestimated the time that it would go down. I guessed it would be at around 3am but as the volume of players went down during off peak time it actually hit just after 5am. Man, I'm tired...!!

The table was a heads up NL50 between 2 German players who had just been exchanging blinds over the previous 50 hands. This meant that the winners VPP bonus was nil as you get $500 per VPP over the last 50 hands played at the milestone table. The milestone bonus of $70,000 was however up for grabs and they flipped for it with the winner making a pair of aces on the flop. A sweet reward for being in the right place at the right time..!!

I still have never hit a milestone hand which is annoying for someone who plays a lot but my graph for the day was not too bad at all for NL50 as the games get juicy with all the recreational players piling in during these promotions:

I guess I will just have to take down the 80 Billionth hand then...!!



  1. I have never hit a milestone hand either and it's not for lack of effort, usually 24 tabling. I actually missed this one though. Nice graph though, looks like it was worth the effort anyways!

  2. Thx Mate. One day it will be our day..!!

  3. yeah i did the same mate, thought i would be able to push it out to 3am and ended up going to bed at 5.15am lol.
    at least i was only at work at 1pm!!!

    and still no milestone hand!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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