Tuesday, 1 November 2011

October 2011 Review

Its all head in books these days... Learn Learn Learn.....

I played some of the micros stakes at the start of the month so there was some learnings to be had there in terms of figuring out the nuances at NL2, NL5, NL10 and NL25.

I then decided to read an Omaha book and learn some of the big points of this game. I can confirm that I hate this game. Omaha kinda goes like this:

Get AAxx, lose the hand
Get the nuts on the flop, lose the hand by the river
Get the nuts on the turn, lose the hand on the river.

The equity holdings of each player in the pot are a lot higher than in hold'em so that means people are rarely drawing dead and chase down combo draws and usually hit vs me. It is a high variance game and I won't playing much of this in the future.

Most of my time is now being spent studying for the December Exams.

I am playing my usual NL50 when I can and have got in a little bit of volume in October.

The final numbers for October are as follows:

136,000 Hands Played
12,716 VPPs

+$659 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$1,500 (FPP Cash Bonus)
+$2,159 (Total Month)

The Ytd numbers as at the end of October are as follows:

1,155,000 Hands Played
250,791 VPPs

-$1,214 - Jan
+$1,075 - Feb
+$722 - Mar
+$4,766 - Apr
+$3,278 - May
+$415 - Jun
+$1,334 - Jul
+$2,341 - Aug
+$1,833 - Sep
+$2,159 - Oct
+$16,709 (Total YTD)

I still have ambitions of making 300k VPPs for the year but it is going to be very tough as my exams finish on December 15th. I will probably have virtually no volume in the next 6 weeks so I basically need to get 49.3k VPPs in around 16 days in December which is around 3.1k VPPs a day.

I will need to move up to NL100 and maybe NL200 to make this happen. It might not be worth the $2,800 bonus if I have a bad run at NL200 which could be a lot more than the bonus. Lets see how it goes...

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