Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bet Sizing Blunder

This is what happens when you are too weak/small with your OOP 3bet sizing


  1. What would have been a good 3bet size for him pre? $7? There doesn't seem to be that huge a difference, to me, between getting 2.5:1 or 2:1

  2. I bet $7-$11 here depending on if they open the button for 2x, 2.5x or 3x. 3betting to only $5 means people will flat almost any 2. You get less value for your premium and more chance you get stacked. If he bets $8 I can only continue with a stronger range. Then again, I would 4b sometimes too :p

  3. Yah I totally get that 3-betting small is bad and will never get any folds, I guess it's just where you draw the line for calling 3-bets with connectors and small pair type hands like anything under 4x is ok and anything 4x+ is premium or whatever. I know it's all read and opponent dependent but still something I struggle with sometimes.

  4. Its tough and we all get it wrong sometimes. Very villain dependent. Personally I love playing IP vs lighter 3bettors who are not so aggressive post. I prefer a 4b vs aggro dudes.

    Might have the rest of today off as I got the pace bonus and the FPP cash bonus + I'm up at the tables too. So nearly $2k shipped my way today :)


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