Saturday, 20 April 2013

Oh, I Bet He's Mad

Poor bet sizing is the only reason that I am still in this pot. I'm still not getting the right odds for just the gutter but with my ace its close, so I call.


  1. Why do you think of not getting the right odds?
    Those lines often includes that they will pay you, if you hit (like here). So there are massive implieds.

  2. Just meant I 8-1 for a gut shot but with the ace + implied odds its fine

    1. yeah, but only the gutter odds would be vacuum thinking. anyways, what would you do if an diamond hits the river? and he bets 1/7 pot ??

  3. Replies
    1., serious do you think we have enough FE to CR then?? I mean those guys dont think in ranges. they are scared by the "obvious" (flush here). so this would maximize our EV to call on the turn bc we can take the flushouts too.

    2. I'd only ever do that vs a reg and maybe once in every 5 times or so. vs a fishy player like above he just would call like he did above. Also if I had the Ace of diamonds then I would more likely make that play vs a reg

    3. thats all i wanna know. since its not a game theoretical thing only a player with lot of practice experience can answer this.
      thx rosh and gl

  4. never ever bluff the phantoms vs guy like this imo^^
    gutter good, A maybe good. thats it. no diamonds.
    greets filojoes

  5. you should check out my new office haha :D


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