Monday, 20 May 2013

VPP Pace Challenge

I Started the year with the plan of bagging 400k Vpps.

At the moment I am close to 100k with almost 5 months gone. This is way behind pace.

The Pace thread on 2+2 shows me at:

---400K Pace--- 149,270 

---300K Pace--- 111,952 

95,722 x_ROSH125_x

---200K Pace--- 74,635 

So I got to chase down 300k + 400k. The average at the start of the year for 300k is 822 VPPs per day and for 400k it's 1096 Vpps per day.

To catch both of these I need around 1,350 VPPs a day from now on till the end of the year.

Got Some work to do..!!

Follow my friend "Eliize" in his journey to high stakes


  1. the whole "set your goal" was a big moneymaker for pokerstars. its so extreme high +ev for pokerstars itself that i was shocked they only gave a low ammount of money to all the people. for my part i did not join the event.

    1. Wasn't a good deal for players I agree. I have hit my goal so its free cash and if you were just hitting your normal goals then its worth signing up but otherwise not so good. The 400k is my own goal for the year

  2. GL R0sH having a similar VPP challenge until the rest of the yaer as well :)


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