Saturday, 28 December 2013

2014 Plan

Goals For 2014:

- 400k VPPs for the year
- 33.3k VPPs/month
- Minimum 150k hands/month
- Win 50 Buy Ins/month
- Live Poker at least once/month 
- Minimum net profit of $40k inc everything for the year
- Cash out less and move up levels/stakes using the system that I developed previously and stick to it
- Play more 6max

- Stick to a more robust daily schedule
- 3 Gym Sessions/week
- Do 10 proper wide grip pull ups in one go for the first time ever
- Do some volunteer work (already signed up)
- Do another poker grind day for charity #pokergrindathon
- Start a small business
- Buy a property
- Get married (currently engaged)
- Make a baby


  1. wtf rosh?!?
    did you hack me or something?? our goals are scary similar for 2014 ;)
    i wish both of us the best of luck to achieve it, esp the baby part
    gl mate

    1. Haha thx, gl to you too..!! Pool players think alike :)

  2. wow... I wish you good luck buddy! I think the poker goals are easy to acomplish.

    What type of business do you want to open? Did you buy that car that you asked us about a couple of months ago?

    Why does everyone want to make a baby?

    1. Thx Dan.

      I will look at various business opportunities this year, not sure where it will lead. I have a friend who is a venture capitalist so I might fire some ideas past him.

      I drive a pretty nice Lexus right now but its like 10 years old so I wanted an upgrade. It is low mileage though so I will stick with it for the next 6 months I think. I saw a few cars but nothing I really wanted to splash out on + I could use the money more wisely for the business/ property.

      I'm mid 30s now and missus is 2 years older so babies are due :)


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