Monday, 13 January 2014

The Sickest Grind Ever, Revisited

After my sick grind day a few days I got thinking about what the sickest grind that I have seen was. This is a few years old now but definitely worth mentioning again.

Chiren80 aka Bachir Boumaaza aka athene aka athenewins was a Stars team pro and took up a challenge to grind 1 million hands in a month.

He basically did what I did in hours on that one day for 31 days straight. I was drained after that one day and said never again. To do it for 31 days must have been hell.

He only did it NL2 but stress on the brain must have been immense even without any financial pressure. Also I think he was 24+ tabling 6max which is much more of a mind screw than my 8-tabling Zoom FR. Also lots more hands per hour. I think I get close to 1,500 hands per hour. He got around 2,375.

Here are the results:

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