Friday, 31 January 2014

One Of The Toughest Days In Jan

I started the day in the solid position of being up just under +$6.6k overall for the month after bonuses with 2 days left to grind.

I had one eye on beating my best month ever which current stands at +$7,366. I was pumped and ready to go..!!

A few hours into the grind however those thoughts had long disappeared and I found myself down $700 and facing a fight to get back to even.

It was a long grind, almost 11 hours and sadly I failed. I played badly in spots and the unsuccessful fight to get back to even looked like this:

My goal for the final day of the month will be to try to get back to over +$6.5k mtd which means I need to win about $200.

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  1. -221$ is the worst u got? must be an awesome month!

    1. -$383 is the worst this month but yesterday was the toughest apart from the 20k hand day.

      23 Winnings Days
      7 Losing Days


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