Saturday, 1 February 2014

January 2014 Review

A pretty decent start to the new year. January is in the books and it is my second best month ever..!! It is however my best month ever in terms of table winnings.

I have now moved my volume from predominately NL25/NL50 to a NL50/NL100 mix at ZOOM. I'm still playing up to 8 tables at a time.

I also hit 200k hands for the first time in ages. I think the last time was in 2012.

It is also the second highest amount of VPPs that I have made in a month.

The final numbers for this month are as follows: 

200,211 Hands Played
36,865 VPPs
129,0258 FPPs

+$5,016 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$1 (Tournament Winnings)
+$400 (Steller Rewards)
-$81 (Live Cash Losses)
+$1,600 (FPP Cash Bonus)
+$6,936 (Total Month)

Nice to start the year with a $7k month..!!

Didn't quite make 100 stacks but w/e :)

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  1. Nice work! Would be cool if you included breakdown of winnings by stakes incl win rates etc, maybe a couple of HH's. You 8 table zoom? Do you stack or tile?

    GL for Feb!

    1. I tile and stack 8 ZOOM tables:


      100z: $3,027 won, 62k hands, 4.85bb/100
      50z: $2,560 won, 99k hands, 5.18bb/100

      And another ~40k hands playing NL2, NL5, NL10, NL25


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