Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Ohhhh, I Bet He Mad

My month is going so bad. Running awful and playing bad and tilting. This is a badly played hand by me where I get super lucky. Been deep is the only way to justify a call pre and on the flop.

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  1. Replies
    1. Super suckout. Nice to get one once in a while. I'm normally on the other end :)

  2. Nice hand. I don`t know his statistic, but he had to push much more. Nice. Godd Luck!

    1. I don't hate the call pre but would not make it unless he was a fish or we were deep.
      The biggest mistake I made was on the flop as because the board was paired I could not backdoor 2pair vs his overpair and so I was specifically calling to hit an 8 or Q. If he has AQ or AK I still could hit 2 pair but I really want the 8 or Q. His sizing of 6 into 14 kinda enticed me. The rest just went as good as it could have


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