Thursday, 19 June 2014


I have hardly played poker in the last 2 months as I have been busy with job hunting and exam work.

I have just started putting in a little more volume this last week or so. Things are not going too well.

After I blew $25k on a shiny piece of metal I decided to cash out some of my roll. I didn't really need to do this as my life roll is very healthy but I felt a lot better for doing so.

I had around $10k online iirc. I left myself with around $3.5k and started a new aggressive bankroll strategy. I started using a 40/25 system. This would in theory allow me to move up at a rate at which I have never done so before, if I could win :). It started well, I got up to $4.2k and insta added NL100. I was also mixing in 6m with FR.

I then lost over $1k in a day at NL100 6m and then continued to lose at both formats and at NL25, NL50 and NL100. I soon found myself staring at my Stars cashier with a not so sexy $1.8k roll :((

When you have say $10k and you drop $2k or $3k its no biggie and you can comfortable keep calm and carry on. When you are on a tight roll you can start to get nervous and that's how I felt. I love the upswings with an aggressive approach but I found it tough during the downswing. For this reason I will build my roll again to a healthy level and scrap the 40/25 system and just add levels when I am ready. 

I haven't put a cent into poker in almost 4 years and I like that stat so I will continue to build organically at NL25/50. I'm in need of one of those $1.6k FPP cash bonuses but I am mile away from it and it takes longer when your not playing NL100.

As a recreational I ain't too bothered with a slower growth as most of my time is now spent doing other things.

With regard to the job hunt I am in new territory in terms of applications. Previously I have been in the job market on many occasions and I never had to make more than 20 applications before having lots of interviews and then getting job offers. This time I have just passed 250 applications which is just huge and it has resulted in only 3 interviews and no job. There was a really good role 2 weeks ago where I made the last 2 out of 110 people and had to prepare a detailed presentation but annoyingly came second. I will continue the grind...!!!


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  1. Did you think about playing some regular (not zoom) tables? It's a little less comfortable than zoom but the main advantage of regular tables - you play 95% hands with a fish. Whereas at zoom tables the most of time you just fight with another regs in standard spots and lose some rake (and nerves too). Playing regular tables is also better for winrate.

    Since June I've started to mix up 4 NL50 zoom tables with some fishy NL100 regular tables (+TableScan Turbo for table-selecting) - things are going pretty well.

    1. I will add normal when I build my roll enough for NL100 again. I'm edging towards doing that at FR verses going the ZOOM 6m route

  2. By the way one more thing about your job hunt - I can say that years of poker seriously change person's way of thinking. The main question here is not about how many interviews you have but about if you really need to work for someone else?

    I am talking about this: maybe you should start your own business (or with some friends of yours)? You could make some investments too, probably in stock market. It's very interesting, not less than poker. And poker cashouts could be the starting base here.

    1. Working for someone else is not that bad but being your own boss is better I agree, depends who ur working for.

      As I said I had a few reasons for wanting to get back into work, the main one being an urgent need to secure a mortgage for ~$250k to get a house as I am getting married soon and want my own place so I don't have2 rent any more.

      I invested in many stocks, maybe over 100 different companies over a 10 year period and while the first 3 years were profitable the last few years were not good. I used a high risk strat by goin for the penny shares. Made a lot on some but most went busto. I am keen to try diversified funds though which are managed.

      I am actually looking at a few business ventures but as yet I have not found anything or come up with the idea that makes me want to give my heart and soul but hopefully I will have my aha moment soon.

      Until then the job hunt will continue :)


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