Tuesday, 29 June 2010

June 2010 Review

So, my first month as an FPP Pro is complete. I am writing this a day early as you will notice, this is because i am having the last day of the month off to troll around London in the hot Sun. I will be tempted to drop into 'The Vic' or the 'Empire', but i won't till next month now. Oh, and if anyone has any feedback on the Western Club, please mail me or comment below as i have never been there and am interested to visit.

How did my debut go then?, well in a word, disastrous..... I have had my first losing month in well over a year and i have also had to top up my bankroll.... something i have not done in ages as my account balance was previously large enough through built winnings to cope with my downswings.

The reasons for my loss are mainly bad beats. I reckon i lost around $2k in situations where all the money was in and i was a large or huge favourite. This happens to all pokers players, so i just got to ride it i guess. I can't blame it all on bad luck as i am definitely guilty of making quite a few bad river calls this month, around -$800 i think.

One of the big errors that i made this month was succumbing to the time pressure of playing 20 tables. When i had a big decision to make i would often find the waiting tables building up and then i would rush my decision in order to deal with the other tables so i don't time out. I now realise that if i need to correctly act on a hand worth $200 i need to forget about say 10 waiting tables where i might only be in the blinds for around $3, so if i time out i time out.... sounds obvious, but in the heat of battle, the pressure can force mistakes. This is part of the learning curve as a new player to full-time grinding. I am figuring things out one by one.

I have also had a play with my bet sizing, 3bet and 4bet strategies and also my starting ranges in various positions. I am still to finalise all these elements of my game and some of the things i tried this month were simply not profitable and i will change certain things in July. I have used a sound strategy for 5yrs and its worked extremely well, so i guess if its not broke then don't fix it. The only problem with the last statement is that i want to improve my game and that will not happen if i play the same way as i have always played. I have over the last five years won on average 71% of the time (calculated by month)

The final numbers for June are as follows:

-$2,793 (Table Losses)
+$100 (Stellar Reward for 90,000 VPPs)
+$1,000 (Milestone Bonus for 100,000 VPPs)
+$54 (2x Free Poker Books from the VIP store less 1 purchased)
+$40 (Free Gym Bag from the VIP Store)
+$44 (Live/Home game winnings)

-$1,555 (Total Month)

The YTD numbers as at the end of June are as follows:

+$5,745 - Jan*
+$3,385 - Feb*
+$467 - Mar*
+$1,620 - Apr*
+$1,234 - May*
-$1,555 - June

+$10,896 (Total YTD)

* indicates winnings attained as a part-time player

One of the things that i estimated before i began life as a poker pro was the attainment speed of bonuses. I thought i would pick up one $4k cash bonus and one milestone bonus every 25 days. I have now revised this figure to take into account time off and the work-life balance. Realistically at NL100 i think it will take me 35-40days to get the 2 bonuses worth c$8k. This will be quicker at NL200 but then i have a larger risk. In June i got around 42k VPPs. I need to get more like 70k VPPs per month to hit my bonus collection target. I blame it on the World Cup and Tennis distracting me.... haha.... I don't actually need an income till Aug as my previous employer is paying me till the end of July. So June was pretty relaxed.

I will set a target each month for the following month. So, for July my target is:

To hit the gym 20 times..... lol
I will not set a target for July as i will be pretty relaxed about poker till the 12th of the month. I may issue a target after that.

GL at the tables...

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  1. alright mate just read yr blog from the beginning, good luck with going pro and the SNE chase next year should you decide to pursue it.
    have linked you up and will look forward to reading yr posts.



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