Thursday, 7 October 2010

Let The Games Begin

Its been a long time since i have been able to play more than 10 Tables due to my PC lagging under the pressure.....

Anyway my new monster machine has arrived and i have also today re-located it to a quieter room and have just played my 1st 20Table session under the new set-up.

Anyway, it was a great success, making around $200 and there was no sign of any nasty unwanted lagging... awesome

I need to get used to the time pressure of playing 20Tables again as 10Tabling is so easy

Also i am experimenting with wireless for the first time on a desktop i have had no problems so far...!!

I am now confident that i can make 200k VPPs and possibly 300k like i had wanted to before my old machine slowed...

So, let the games begin........


  1. so when you got your new computer setup did you have to pay for hem again or just redownload it?

  2. You can HEM and Table Ninja 2 Machines Max, but u can always uninstall if needed.

  3. ROSH
    alright mate

    yeah my computer lags, I can play 24 tables fine, but if i have HM HUD on it lags to death and eventually just freezes!!

    Having said that for now i just run the HM scanner before a session, and make notes on PS about any noticable players that have over 1000 hands logged in my database. And then turn HM off.

    How many screens you got, worth having a few to make life so much easier

  4. I hav 2 screens only. I hav seen your pic with 4 screens, seems cool. I think my brain would be overloaded with that many screens...!!


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