Friday, 22 October 2010

Ergonomic GREEN Grinding Comfort

I have just purchased my new Grinding Chair. It's an awesome Green Colour as you can see, LOL. The specific design that i wanted was only available in that shade so i had no choice... but its growing on me even though everyone else hates it..!!

Its Soooooo Comfortable to sit in that i am a bit too relaxed. However it's not as good as the Lamborghini Chair that I sat in at the motor show. That costs around £300 ($477) but is amazing. I would have got it but I don't know where to buy it and can't be bothered to search.

This bad boy set me back £70 ($111) and I have just done my first session in the ergonomically designed Hot Seat. Already paying for itself i made $127 in 1600 hands even though I got coolered with KK vs AA aipf and also lost a KK vs AK aipf. The lucks still against me but managing to scrape wins.

It was just the sesh that I needed after yesterdays hammering. I played woefully and was down around -$480 at one stage before rallying to finish the day down around -$280 with rakeback, worst day of the month so far.

Heres a short clip of my new set-up:


  1. alright mate.

    nice set-up, and CHAIR!!
    would hate to go back to tiling tables after getting used to stacking. Your missing out on 4 more tables of VPP's LOL.
    Looking forward to following your supernova elite pursuit next year mate, looks like your all set up for it now.

    Apparently Frosty is in London atm, you not arranged to meet?


  2. Hey Ross,

    I love seeing the action too much too Stack... Have to Tile!!

    Playing 20 vs 24 is a Big diff over the course of a year, I did the analysis and it would save me like 1.25hrs a day but i struggle to play 20 let alone 24. Will c how 2011 goes, might step it up if i need VPPs quicker..

    Saw Frosty was in London, totally forgot to drop him a line.


  3. nice going rosh!! your chair is your biggest investment and is well worth paying for.

    GL and keep making money...hopefully I can get back in it


  4. Gold, Cheers man and i have no doubt that u will be back in style...!! Just go easy on me at the tables...

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