Thursday, 14 October 2010

October Mid Month Review

It's a day early before we reach mid month but i'm off out socialising today/ tonight so today's play is done. Made a whopping $7. I wish i wouldn't make silly river calls. Made a couple of big boo boos today.

I also had some unknown 3bet me on 4 diff tables within 5mins. Thought he was taking the piss so i 4bet shoved with 99 on the 4th time and he snapped with QQ. I am a DONK. No more of that crap.... back to Nitty NITski

Pokerstars have made a few changes to their set-up, not too sure what they all are, but i heard its speed improvements on the normal tables, so maybe a few extra VPPs per session

Anyways, it's mid month, so lets see what i have been doing

The mtd numbers for October are as follows:

33,000 Hands Played
6,000 VPPs

+$407 (Cash Game Winnings)

I have been playing mainly at NL50 with a few NL100 Tables per Session. Really Happy with my new PC and set-up.... just need to step up the volume now. Been playing between 4-5hrs per day. From next week i want step that up to 7hrs per day and to 8hrs per day from the following week

Need some cash as i have just received a nasty £1,000 credit card bill... Ouch...

I hope to get a $1,500 bonus before the month ends. Hopefully i will end the month up over $2,000 in Total... lets do it...!!

GL all.......


  1. I like your 99 shove, thats what the game need, powerpoker:) Just dont make it your standard move.
    Nice post as always, keep it up.

  2. good effort mate, get the hours in.

  3. hey dude. cant wait to read up on your sne chase:) statered reading frostys blog and it will be good to start another from the beginning.
    i watched you in wcoop 3, so my question is are you going to throw in a few MTTS? you seemed to play pretty good in that one.
    oh and the bird is the word:) sorry watched a family guy marathon

  4. Kenya, cheeears..!!

    Rossi, I will giv it a shot...!! Hard work this grindin

    Cam, SNE will be tough.. looking forward to the challenge. I will play a few MTTs but not that many. I'm more interested in Live Cash Games to add a bit of variation. Will play the TurboTakedown end of month... Cheers

  5. hey rosh!! thanks for the kind words, you've always been a great supporter to poker players. Hit me up sometime and we'll talk some poker maybe through skype or what not. Email me you skype,etc to and we'll talk about SNE type stuff

  6. Hey Man, I have no idea how to use Skype, lol. I will drop u a conventional email sometime. Chat soon.



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