Friday, 1 April 2011

March 2011 Review

Another disappointing month goes by. I am not even making enough to cover my monthly bills which amount to around $1,600.

Ideally I want to be making $3000+ a month to cover my bills with some extra cash to save or blow on whatever.

So what am I doing about it?
Well, one of my main issues has been tilt. In March this has been well controlled and I actually won at the tables for the first month this year. All be it a negligible amount. a win is a win!

I can see my tilt control getting back to its very best in April, mainly due to no more 24 tabling. I have now settled for playing between 12 - 16 tables max.

I am looking at receiving some coaching for NL100. I can beat all levels up to and including NL25 at over 2pt bb/100. At NL50 I win at around 1pt bb/100. However when I step up to NL100 I break even. This month I will for the first time ever seriously consider taking on a good coach. I will see how the first 2weeks go and take it from there.

My challenge to make the top 50 winners at NL50 for March failed as I moved up to NL100 pretty early into the month. For some reason I also started mixing in NL25 to see how that level was like. I won over the 20,000 or so hands I played at 8pt bb/100

I had a nice top 8% finish in the 5yr Anniversary Sunday Million which got me $355. I swapped percentages with other players so I had to distribute a small amount. Stars also had a 60 billionth hand promo giving out free cash. They also introduced the new Sunday Storm Tourney

The highlight of my month was a nice $1,500 upswing in the middle of the month. Unfotunately I was already in deficit when that happened so it just brought parity. I hope I can catch a nice heater in April. Target for April is to make $1,000 profit at the tables.

The final numbers for March are as follows:

103,000 Hands Played

+$106 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$234 (Tourney Winnings)
+$200 (Stellar Rewards)
+$150 (Deposit Bonus)
-$60 (Tourney Swap Distributions)
+$93 (Viper Sunglasses from PS Store)
+$722 (Total Month)

The Ytd numbers as at the end of March are as follows:

356,000 Hands Played
95,815 VPPs

-$1,214 - Jan
+$1,075 - Feb
+$722 - Mar
+$583 (Total YTD)

As you can see from the YTD picture I am failing to make anything really. I should have made at least $4,800 to cover my bills but I am more than $4,000 under that and living off savings. This can't go on for much longer. If it does I will have to get a real job come the end of the summer. Time to step it up!!

Also, due to my slow attainment of VPPs in the first 3 months I will now reduce my annual target to 500k VPPs

All the best for April


  1. Why does the Viper sunglasses add to your profits?
    Your reviews on the glasses?

    Hope we make our breakthrough in April! GL.

  2. Lol

    I deem it as FPPs cashed out

    They say that u can use it for screen glare reduction but I don't like it for that.

    I wear sunglasses or greg raymer style eye glasses sometimes for live play. Have yet to try these out but the quality seems better than I expected, so thumbs up for the Vipers!

  3. hey rosh!! you forgot to add your fpp's for a cash bonus.....well best of luck..put in more volume and run like god!!

    GL sir


  4. Gold, you're right, but I have always reported cash movements as opposed to cash value which is wrong. I should know better as an accountant, lol!

    Don't want to change things mid way thru a year. There is $1,200 missing from the march numbers which u will see when I receive bonuses in Apr.

    GL to u too and thx


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