Wednesday, 11 May 2011

3 Reasons why Wladimir Klitschko will lose to David Haye

The date has been set for July 2nd 2011. David Haye will meet Wladimir Klitschko for the long awaited Heavyweight unification bout in Hamburg, Germany.

Haye is really on top of his game right now. Looking at his last 5 fights he has performed very well. This fight is a step up in class for Haye as Wladimir is the top ranked guy in the division right now. This will be his toughest opponent to date.

I will of course be supporting the British fighter and give you 3 reasons why Haye will win. They are Wladimir's 3 prior defeats to fighters who were not as good as Haye when they fought the younger Klitschko.

Fight 1 - vs Lamon Brewster

Fight 2 - vs Corrie Sanders

Fight 3 - vs Ross Puritty (This guy has 20 defeats on his record). Skip to 40mins for the KO


  1. That was a young Klitschko who wasn't near as experienced as he is now. He will smash Haye's face in. Haye talks about Klitschko not fighting anyone, but who the hell has that bum fought? Klitschko will knock him out before the 6th round.

  2. I can only see 3 notable names on Wlad's record: Chagaev, Ibragimov and a shot Hasim Rahman.

    Haye beat Valuev, Mormeck, Fragomeni and a shot Ruiz

    It's heavyweight boxing and anything can happen as both fighters can be knocked out we know but the difference will be Pressure.

    Wlad can not handle pressure. He is good at fighting slow, overweight guys from a distance using his jab. When Haye comes inside and applies pressure it will be good night for Klitschko. Vitali will probably suffer the same fate later on in the year if he faces Haye

    Watch Haye's last fight against Harrison. Obviously Wlad is far better than Harrison but he will not be able to take the speed and pressure


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