Saturday, 14 May 2011

Supernova Elite (SNE) in 59 Days

In Jan I began my attempt to make Supernova Elite. I tried to do it at the 50bb and CAP tables which turned out to be a big mistake. I should have stuck to the 100bb tables where I may have had a chance.

There are so many different games/ stakes where you could make SNE.

Its old news now but at the time I wanted to write a post about the record for reaching SNE. It was set this year by Andrew 'azntracker' Li who accomplished this great feat in a remarkable 59 days.

Andrew is a sit n go player who plays a variety of stakes but predominately accumulates mass VPPs by multitabling. I heard that he can play over 40 tables at a time.

He smashed the previous record by 19 days. Azntracker has now made SNE 4 years in a row.

Congratulations Azntracker..!!

I have no idea about how poker will go in the future for myself and everyone else. There are always so many uncertainties.

I do know one thing and that is that I would still love to achieve SNE and maybe in 2012 I can have another crack. For now my 2011 target is still 500k VPPs.



  1. i think you will do it next year mate. You just got off to a bad start this year and had too small a bankroll to cope with the swings.

    Another couple of $4.5k months like the one you just had will set you up nicely for next year.

  2. i think ill be holding off till 2012 aswell mate lets just hope we dont reach december at 900k vpps and the world ends like its suppose to LOL

  3. The world aint gonna end..!!

  4. alright mate, check out my recent blog post, might be of interest to ya being a pokerstars grinder

  5. 'Sounds' Good..!! Will buzz if I require some. Although there are some great sound websites on the net too

  6. if im goin to try and achieve SNE would a bankroll of 3000dollars be enough playing at 50/1 multi tabling 6tables

  7. Firstly u will NOT achieve SNE 6Tabling at NL100. Minimum at that level is 18tables pref 24tables. It wil be between 8-10hrs a day

    An SNE attempt is more realistic at NL200 where u can do it with 6hrs work a day, again playin 18-24 tables

    Mimimum rolls I would suggest are

    Roll for NL100: $6,000
    Roll for NL200: $10,000


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