Saturday, 21 May 2011

Nice to run above EV for a change..........

It's usually the other way round but I just noticed that in the last week I am running way above EV. OOOOOOuuuuuuuu Wwwwwweeeeeeeee


  1. Sup ROSH. Played with you a bit during the WBCOOP. You tempting faith by mentioning your above EV run?!! Hope it continues for you!Would you be able to link my blog up with yours?I have already linked yours up.The link is below.Tnx!

  2. Ez dude, WBCOOP was good, hows pokering? Link done

  3. Congrats!:D
    Think I've ran above EV like two sessions this year. Yay me:)

  4. LOL! Officially linked now! Don't know what I did wrong the first time! Hope your putting the SCOOP tickets you won during the WBCOOP to good use! I know I didn't!!

  5. Thx Alex, Im sure you have some good sessions ahead of you in 2011..!! Btw re your hair post, I think the darker you colour your hair the better you look.

    Thx Goat. 3 SCOOP tkts, 3 fails.... not even a min cash..!! RRaaaaaaaarrrr


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