Friday, 7 October 2011

Hand Reading - Know the Basics

One of the first things that I learnt in poker was to hand read. I'm not talking about any advanced stuff in the heat of battle vs specific opponents but basic hands that beat other hands.

I was thinking about a hand from about 5yrs ago in a Live STT because hand reading was on my mind after I witnessed 2 funny hands from a recent online session. So here are all 3 hands with the 2 online ones first.

1. The first hand is quite a common occurrence but when recreational players are around it can be quite funny.

I'm in a small pot multi way in the SB and I don't think there was a bet on the flop or turn. By the river the board is KJQAT with no flush possibilities so basically the board plays. Now, if I am on the button and it checks to me, depending on the size and who it is against I may take a stab at it just in case someone folds out of a chop. In the hand above one guy bet small and 2 people folded. It can be just a waste of rake against a reg but against an unknown it has happened where I have got someone to fold.

2. Hand 2 is more interesting as I think it is one that gets many a fish/ recreational players confused. UTG min raises and it folds to me in the BB with 78s and I just call. Board runs out AJJJJ and there is no betting on the flop or turn. On the river I decide to have a laugh and lead out 2x the pot and he insta folds and I take down a tiny pot vs an unknown. I think a lot of players think that if I have an Ace or AA then I could have a big full house but actually they don't understand that 4 of a kind with an ace is unbeatable with any 2 hole cards so again the board plays.

3. This is the hand from 5 years ago in the Live Tourney. I played the hand terribly I know but I had no clue back then. I limp UTG with 76o and there are 4 people to the flop with no raise pre. Flop comes down 345hh, checks round, turn is 2h, putting the flush possibility out there, checks round (lol, I know I sucked), River is the an ace (different suit). So there is a straight on the board with a possible flush and I have the highest nut straight available. It checks round to the guy on the button who just goes all-in. I tank for a few seconds and call and the other 2 players fold. I say 'what cha got? and he replies 'the board obviously', but it wasn't obvious and he was a huge fish and didn't even see the possible flush and was shocked when I turned over the 67. His expression was priceless as he got knocked out with a shove in a nothing pot, lol.

The moral of the above hands is make sure that you always know what the NUTS is...!!


  1. Hey Rosh, great blog you got here. I'm a fan, subscribed! GL with the poker :)

  2. Thx Rain, added u to my blog roll


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