Monday, 3 October 2011

The Most Followed People On Twitter

I am not a huge user of twitter but I like the fact that you can receive the most up to date information via them on many occasions. Just watch out for the false stories that also arise.

After seeing a quiz question the other day I was quite surprised to learn that some people have 8 figure followings.

This just shows how big the site has become in a relatively short space of time. It is rumoured to have 200 million users worldwide.

So who are the most followed? Well, Topping the list is Lady Gaga with over 14 million followers, damn....

1. Lady Gaga - 14.0m+
2. Justin Bieber - 13.0m+
3. Katy Perry - 10.4m+
4. Barack Obama - 10.3m+
5. Kim Kardashian - 10.1m+
6. Britney Spears - 9.8m+
7. Shakira - 8.9m+
8. Taylor swift - 8.2m+
9. Rihanna - 7.9m+
10. Ashton Kutcher 7.8m+

Someway down the list is me with a massive 22 followers, lol.

x_ROSH125_x on twitter

More random geeky facts next time....



  1. Alright then, added to blog roll and followed on twitter, make that 23 :)

  2. Cheers mate but 23 is taken already :p

    Will check out your blog later


  3. Hai dere sweetie! Of course I'll add you to my list :] I love your posts!


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