Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Year in the Life.....

A few hiccups this month but on the whole a pretty solid 12months.....


  1. You are a sick played. I've been reading your blog for a long time, congrats.

    One question: Are you a poker 50NL coach? Would you be interested on making a deal?

    Anyway, please add me on skype (eduardo_amendola). Let's chat. Cheers.

  2. Thx Ed,

    I have coached previously and will do in the future but am not taking on any students at this time. I don't foresee taking students on before November this year.

    I will add you but I rarely use Skype these days

  3. nice results mate

    gone back to full ring myself. though all the CAP study seems to have made a big differance to my 100bb game i.e hand ranges/stacking etc. maybe the break i was looking for?!!


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