Saturday, 21 July 2012

Back With Some Blind v Blind Shenanigans

I have hardly played any poker this month due to lots of real life stuff going on.

I just hit the felt and pretty much first hand we get some juicy action

I don't forecast making any money at all this month but will try to get some volume in during the last week.

I should resume normal volume in August.


  1. hey rosh so what was your thoughts when you called the 3bet with that hand. did you consider it profitable against his range or were you more likely planing on out playing him. do you remember his stats or notes?

  2. Calling the 3bet OOP was purely due to the fact that his sizing was pathetic. He was a 35/18 or so, so this also makes it potentially profitable as this type of looser player is more like to get all his chips in the middle

  3. gotchya, yeah i was curious. just from his sizing you could tell he wasnt a reg so it was interesting


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