Monday, 9 July 2012

Big One for One Drop $1,000,000 Buy-In NLHM Event #55 WSOP 2012

I had to give mention to a little piece of history that took place a couple of days ago at this year's WSOP.

The biggest Buy In poker tournament ever took place with the required entry fee set at $1,000,000.

A total of 42 entrants put up the funds with a lot of staking actioned rumoured to be behind some of it.

The final nine players of the 48-player (max capacity) field will receive the following:

1st: $18,346,673 
2nd: $10,112,001
3rd: $4,352,000
4th: $2,645,333
5th: $1,834,666
6th: $1,621,333
7th: $1,408,000
8th: $1,237,333
9th: $1,109,333
Total $42,666,672 (Prize Pool)

The remaining $5.5m will be given to the One Drop Charity.

It was lots of fun as huge charity funds had been generated.

Guy Laliberte flips with Antonio while wearing comic noses

At the end of this amazing event Antonio Esfandiari took home a cool $18.3m for his efforts, securing the greatest 1st prize in poker history.

This propels him to the top of the all time winners:

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