Saturday, 5 October 2013

7-2s BOOM Promo Turning Us Into Spew Monkies

Pokerstars 7-2 Boom promo is really stimulating some action at the tables. The prizes are small but people are going crazy, sadly including myself.

If you win a hand with 72s you win the big blind x the number of players seated. For example:

You are playing at a nine-handed Hold’em ring game table with blinds of $1/$2. You win with 7-2 suited and Boom! your hand. You would win $2 (big blind) x 8 (number of opponents) = $16 cash prize.

Some cool hands:

Its a fun promo but so far I have won $16 and spewed off around $100, Lol. Probably gonna give up on this unless I can take it down with an open or 3bet.

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