Thursday, 22 July 2010


My god dam ADSL Internet Connection has been busted for a almost week now. I have spent many minutes talking to India which has been fun as much of the English conversation has been spelt out to me in phonetic alphabet by the call centres..... Hotel Echo Lima Lima (HELL)

Basically its still busted and TalkTalk are so lame that it takes 2 weeks to get an engineer out to my house.... They reckon that there might be a problem with the line even though the phone works perfectly. So it could not possibly be their modem or filter or cables that is the issue... hmmmm.. Strange that i have to pay only if the line is faulty as the other items are their responsibility. The phone works so they ain't getting a penny outta me..!!

Its 1am and I have just sorted a dodgy temp fix... so poker should be back tomorrow. When IT systems fail it is just so crippling to an online poker player..!!

However, it might be a blessing in disguise as my poker over the last 7 weeks has been woeful. Maybe a break from the tables is just what i needed...!!

Anyway as a newly qualified Supernova i am looking forward to my 1st $1m quarterly freeroll on 7th August. Not sure what to expect though in terms of runners... I am hoping that as this is restricted to SN VIPs and SNEs the field should be relatively small compared to a Sunday Million for example... As 999 places are paid hopefully i should get into the cash...!! The $150,000 1st prize would be sweet though. So what are my chances???........ Well, slim to none would be my guess as i suck at Tourneys.

My best tourney result came quite recently when i final tabled a UK freeroll. It was a satellite to the UK regional grand final with 9 places being awarded a spot in the main event. There were 4747 runners and i tried and interesting style of play which seemed to work well. With 50 players left i was chip leader and i hung on to that lead till about the last 20. When the final table was set, i was 3rd in chips and had made the cash (which was tiny) and received my ticket to the ME. I then went crazy and started to gamble wildly... big mistake... I was duly busted 1st at the final table.... lol..

I have been watching the Tour de France highlights show daily on ITV4 but tomorrow looks set to be the big showdown up the Col du Tourmalet. I will watch this stage Live and it should be fascinating as Andy Schleck has to attack if he has any chance of winning Yellow in Paris. With Contador favoured to beat Schleck in the time trial, Schleck must gain a lead tomorrow of over a minute to have any chance putting on the maillot jaune... You can do it Andy...!!

Poor Lance Armstrong had a shocker on one of the early stages when he crashed 3 times and effectively ended any chance of a podium finish... It would have been great to see him in his prime against Alberto Contador... would have been an awesome battle..



  1. Congrats on shipping the Supernova status, something I don't think I'd ever make.

    The $1m freeroll is freely open to SNE and SN but Platinum and Gold can satellite in for 1,500 FPP

  2. good luck with SNE as well!!!! I guess were on the same goals!!!!!!!


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