Tuesday, 13 July 2010

July Mid Month Review...

July so far has been pretty relaxed. I have put in less volume than June in the first 13 days of the month. I enjoyed the World Cup and Wimbledon and am now keeping an eye on Le Tour.

The poker story is that the bad run continues and does not seem to be ending. I continue to get battered at the tables but am still pretty confident as i am getting it in with the best hands. Here are a few recent hands:

1. I raise in early position with AA, i get re-raised, we get it AIPF. Villain turns over AA also and i laugh.... well, until he hits the Flush and Stacks me.... now I'm Crying......

2. I raise in mid-position with AA, SB re-raises me, i re-raise and we are AIPF. He turns over KK and I am looking good for a double up. Then BANG, he hits his Flush.... Stacked Again.... Raaaaaaarrrrrr......

3. I get AA and raise in the cut-off, SB moves AI for around $40, i snap call.... He shows QQ and duly hits his straight on the river.... Great...!!

4a. I had been watching a crazy loose donk on one table. He was sitting to my right which was perfect as i would always have position on him. A situation arrived where we were blind vs blind. I had AA in the BB. He calls and i raise to 5x (i was making my raises larger to him as he was calling many larger raises pre-flop). The Flop comes 8QQ (2 Spades) and he shoves $18 into a $10 pot. Now he may have a Q, but there is now way that i am folding AA in that situation. I call, he shows 84o. Great situation for me... he can't hit a 4 as i have 2 pair AA & QQ, so only 2 outs with the 8s. You know what comes next.... 8 on the turn.... The donk hits a full-house. Now he has around $50... that should be mine... lol

4b. I am out to get this guy now and its not long before i pick up JJ in mid position. He has already limped, so i raise 7x now and of course he calls. The flop is 849 rainbow and surprisingly he leads into me with a bet around 80% of the Pot. Now, normally i would think a little here before my decision but as i am pretty sure i have the best hand i snap call (i think i should have shoved actually).... anyways, the turn is a 2 and he checks. I bet pretty big and he check-raises AI. I call and the fool turns over K8o. As usual i am way ahead with one card to come. And obviously the card last is.................. a big FAT K to give him 2 pair and double up through me again..... What can i do???

The Poker Gods seem to be mad at me for some reason....... Its so frustrating, but i am still enjoying it..

Every now and then though there is always a player that makes me smile at the tables...
I love this hand:

I pick up AQ in mid position and raise 3x. The button calls and so does the BB. $9 in the pot.... The flop is AQA.... nice... BB checks, I check to slow play the NUTS, and the guy on the button bets $47 into the $9 Pot..... wtf...??? Anyway, I call and he shows J7dd with no diamonds on the board.... For a change i cant lose as he is drawing dead and i pick up a nice pot..... lmao..... Its fun sometimes...

July numbers so far:

-$442 (Table Losses)
+$1,500 (Cash Bonus)

+$1,058 (Total MTD)

If my bad beat hands had held up i reckon i would be up almost +$1,000 at the tables.... but it is what it is... no 'ifs', no 'buts'.... At least i am up with the bonus.... The fight goes on...

I want to target the $4,000 cash bonuses but as my bankroll has been very low i need cash ASAP and have been going for the $1,500 cash bonuses to build my roll up quicker. These are cheaper and quicker to release but obviously not as good value so i am losing out there. I plan to get one more $1,500 bonus before i start to go for the bigger one.

Its a little bit scary to think that from next month i will have no income and i will have to make it as a pro poker player or i will be in trouble. My bills amount to around $1,600 each month, so i will need to get that as a minimum. My goal is to earn around $3,000 p/m from poker. I will receive my final pay cheque from my previous employer next week and that's it then... from 1st Aug I'm a poker pro. I will step up my volume significantly to make sure that i rack up as many VPPs as possible each month

Come on heater... where are you???


  1. hope you run good yr first couple of months

  2. yeah those river outs suck when you are pretty far ahead, but that's what happens when we play 1000's of hands for numbers of hours. We're gonna run into every bad and good thing you can think of. GL with SNE and hopefully I'll be on track for next year. Maybe we can talk some strategy for long sessions and hours of grinding. Let me know



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