Friday, 30 July 2010

Talking To Myself.......

I started this blog to randomly jot down how my awful poker play would pan out and to maybe laugh in years to come as I eventually became better and better and got to stage where i would destroy Phil Ivey at the WSOP ME. I didn't actually think that anyone would bother to read it. I have often talked to myself during tough times and this was just another angle to converse with me.

Anyway, just out of interest i installed sitemeter on this blog(bottom of the page on the left) to see if i would get more than 1 view a day (yes, that's me checking up on myself) . So far in 15days there have been 280 hits.... whoooaaaa.... not bad for a boring old fart...!!

Anyway, back to the poker.... All the bad beats have made my play equally bad and i have now established a new focus for the up coming weeks.... I do not want to put any more cash into my account in the next month or so. This means that i will now drop down to NL50 for possibly the whole of August. This will have a big effect on my bonus generating abilities but i think the most important thing is to improve my game. I will also drop from 20tables to 10 for added thinking time. This means i now sit down with $500 each time instead of $2,000. My swings and variance should also come down. Time to big up my +EV.....

I am going back to basics, back to the drawing board.... It will be like the last 5yrs never happened and someone just handed me my 1st deck of cards and shouted shuffle up n deal punk.

I need to develop my poker mindset. I will invest in HEM and also spend some time on sites like cardrunners and deucescracked. I am now on 2p2 and have been reading a book on odds and probabilities. I am learning off by heart the 1card and 2card drawing odds tables for outs between 1-20. I have Harrington's 2 books on cash games and hopeful i will absorb every little gem he has to offer.

I am also going to begin development on my Tournament game as the starting ranges and concepts differ so much from cash games. Wow, that's a lot of stuff to do.

On another note i will be going Zorbing on Sunday (weather permitting), so i hope to add to YouTube vid of me and my bro spiralling down some hill at 35mph in a huge bouncy ball. Hopefully this will jolt my poker game into the premier league of NL50, lol.


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  1. I'm surprised you didn't invest in HEM sooner. It just helps so much.

    As for books, The Poker Blueprint is really good too. If you want a copy, let me know.

    Good Luck!


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