Sunday, 15 August 2010

August Mid Month Review

The middle of the month is here and I have played around 20,000 hands so far.

My emphasis these last 14 days has been on playing less, studying more. I have read a lot online and invested in HEM.

I have worked more closely with HEM and the HUD and definitely see the benefits in both and they are now part of my game.

The HUD stats that i have live are: VPIP, PFR, Cbet, Steal, Fold to Steal, 3bet and Fold to 3bet.

There are like about 200 possible stat fields that you can choose from. I don't want too much junk on my screen so i will use the above only and concentrate on my game

The numbers so far for August are as follows:

+$891 (Table Winnings)
-$90 (HEM Investment)

+$801 (Total Month)

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